Thursday, September 1, 2011

{ Time to VOTE } - Lacquered Me Contest

Hello, everyone!

I am super excited to tell you that the time to VOTE on Lacquered Me Contest is NOW OPEN.

Below you can see all the entries. Thanks to everyone who is participating in this contest.

Let's the fun begin!!

To see all the pictures submitted click play. Remember the number on your favorite picture so you can cast your vote further below in the form.

* If the pictures don't show please give some time or open in a different browser.

If you can't see the photos please go HERE


- Contestants can get votes on this blog and on Lacquered Me Facebook page HERE- If you are voting here on the blog YOU HAVE TO BE A FOLLOWER

- You can vote for more than one photo. But you can only vote once for each image.

- Votes will be closed on September 30th, 2011 (midnight Colorado time)

- Results will be disclosed next day after votes are closed.

- Results will be the combination of votes here on the blog + the numbers of LIKES on each picture posted under VOTE Lacquered Me Contest on Lacquered Me FB page. The photo with more votes will be the winner.

- In case we have a tie, the winner will be picked by drawing on

Below you have this form to validate your vote. Every contest has a number on their pictures. Remember the number of the picture you are voting for to cast your vote below. The numbers are the order the images were sent to my email last month as their entries (just if you are wondering).Thanks for your time voting!! And remember if you have a facebook account you can also vote for your favorite manicure picture there too. Just look for Lacquered Me page.

NOTE(1): If you don't see your picture posted there among the other entries that's because something had happened. It either was submitted after August 31st, 2011 or I didn't receive it. I was extra careful getting back to every email I got. So if you did send to me and you didn't get a confirmation email from myself then I did not get your photo. I was clear with that when I announced this contest last month HERE.

NOTE(2): I take NO RESPONSABILITY for any pictures that were sent to me regarding ownership of the same. If you see a picture in this contest that doesn't belong to who is claiming to be the owner DO NOT BLAME me. I have taken a lot of time to organize this contest and wrote on every single entry the name and blog/fb name of the person who submitted it. So, go and contact them. Thanks for understanding! And also I am sorry if I am being a little rude. I don't mean to but I have to clarify this before hand. It's just cause that thought just crossed my mind and decided "better make my thoughts public right now". I have seen so many people copying pictures of others claiming to be theirs and even publishing on blogs. It's just wrong! But anyways, let this contest be something fun to be part of . Thanks again!!!


  1. This is a really fun contest thank you for hosting it (and I hope I win of course, yay go entry number 13!)

  2. can i still join this contest ?????


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