Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Lady Like

Hello you!
I have been as crazy as I can be this week. I guess it's good to be that busy so I can appreciate the calm times right? I still need to find time to put together the pictures I got for the Halloweeen Contest - yeah I didn't forget - laugh. I have girls emailing me asking for them. They are coming , they are coming. I promise.
Below you will see my Pink Wednesday mani. Not super pretty but it's a mani. I used one of the polishes from Essie Fall 2011 Collection ( swatches of 3 more of them coming up soon and also a possible giveaway, stay tuned.) But le tme know in the comment box, I have four of them for a giveaway ( different colors), should I give all of them for just one winner or 4?
Ok, coming back to this mani here, the polish I was telling you about and got sidetracked was ... oh yeah Essie Lady Like from Essie Fall 2011 Collection. It's a totally "lady like" polish. I think the name suits very well this color. That vintage darkish rose pink reminds me of when my grandma would get her nails done. I remember that. Back then, I was a kid and didn't like that type of color at all. I thought it was a color for old people indeed lololo. But 20 something years have pasted and I love those kinda of colors. Am I getting "lady like" type of woman? Yeah, another birthday is coming up in 3 weeks. Love them! Anyone of you planning on sending me a bday card or a little gift? Laugh. Oh, did I just beg for attention?!?!
People, I bet get going. I'm finding this blog now to be an excuse to be here sitting and just thinking about polish and how great my follower friends here are.
Thank you!! See you guys soon : D

BC: Essie
Base Color: Lady Like
Stamping: Rimmel Fast Dry - Ruby
Design: M 62
TC: OTD ( I'll never use that again over nail art specially stamping. Look on my ring finger how the design kind look weird over the polish. That was Out the Door top coat).


  1. Looks lovely on you! I can't decide if this is a color for me or not! I have a hard time with lighter shades!

  2. This is so pretty and very lady like.

  3. It looks a lot like (Essie) Angora Cardi.

    Have you seen the preview for the Essie 2011 Winter collection? They have one up on their FB, it looks very pretty. Like a neutral version of the military green colors that are popular right now.


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