Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Sonia Kashuk plus stamping it over

This is my pink for this Wednesday. Used the pink from Sonia Kashuk. I really like her nail polishes. I have some to show you soon. Some really cool colors are coming out for fall/winter 2011. Stay tuned. This pink called Jammin has not something special about it. It's just a bright cream pink. I probablu have something like it in my stash for sure. But the formula is very good. The brush and bottle just fine. They are almost exact the ones from PURE ICE. The difference is just the price :) Sonia Kashuks costs $4.99 and PURE ICE just $1.89 and for the cheap of a price tthe have a pretty good selection of colors. Anyways, Sonia Kashuks are great and very creamy and pigmented. I can't complain. I got some as gift and I am planning on showing them to you and tell what my favorite colors are.
Ok, back to this mani. I was a little upset when I was doing this one cause I really wanted to use this design. I ended up doing it after insisting so much. The design is kinda jacked up. The engraving has problems and now I'll see what BM will tell me about that. My first set came with missing plates, then I had a problem with the engraving on another, now I found out about this one. I just saw it cause the film was still on it and you could just see it without it. Bummer! :(

Base Color Sonia Kashuk Jammin
Stamping: Wet n'Wild Black Creme
Design: BM 221


  1. Oh that sucks, I was seriously just about to order the 25 pc set.
    Did they ever send you your missing plates?

  2. It's pretty. I don't see anything wrong with the design. I love it.


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