Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Talk - Manicure Party in Utah

For my TT of today I'll be posting some pictures of a manicure party me and my lovely friends from Utah had on Labor Day a couple of week ago.
 We had a blast with our nail polishes, cotton balls and food lololo I loved it!!
I was so glad everybody could make it. Well, so of them. I just wanna apologize to those who tried to contact me to get directions to the place. I know we can't blame just me cause I got texts hours before the party was going to start. My phone was acting weird and I couldn't get wi-fi all the time to access my fb messages. I am so sorry if you were in Utah and couldn't make to that party for that reason or another. I promise I'll be back soon and we can all hang out again.
Now, check it out some pictures of the great time we had. I apologize for the pictures quality though.

What a great group of friends! I shared my manicure routine, my favorite stuff and the fun of stamping.
Down below are the girls "pri-ti nails". What's your favorite?

Thank you Ale for having all of us over to your house in Draper. Thanks for hosting that manicure party with such a big smile and a warm heart! Thanks to you all who could come and make our Labor Day super lacquered. I had lots of fun!
If you want to host one of those parties and have me over let me know. Shoot me an email contact.lacqueredme@gmail.com  If you want me over to Paris send me my flight ticket. I'll make the sacrifice to go there - laugh!


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