Friday, September 16, 2011

Some Sparkle on OPI Moon Over Mumbai

Week kinda went fast. Hope it did for you too!
I know that I have some untried polishes I want to share with you guys. And I promise I'll be doing it so. An issue I am battlingnow is that my collection is somewhat growing and I have no place anymore to put my babies. I know I have posted HERE before about differents choices of storaging nail polishes but I need to decide what's a best option for me. I know. I still itch on choosing the best way to display them. But anyways ...
What I have today for you guys is a simple beautiful color. I think this color is kinda getting me into the Fall mood everyone is into. I know it's not that dark but it's gray. This is OPI Moon Over Mumbai. It's a pale pearl gray. It's so pretty.

I then decided to add a punch of sparkle to it with Nicole by OPI  Make U Smile - oh how I hate their bottles | : ( Ironic name for a polish with such bottle shape. Those bottles doesn't make me smile at all. Seriously!!! But back to the mani and the glitter - laugh.

PS: Those picture suck. Sorry! I must get a camera and stop using my iPhone for those pictures :( But where is the money for me to buy a camera just to photograph my nubs? It's on my x-mas list. Any suggestions?


  1. That looks great! The silver sparkles really make the OPI color pop more

  2. Those photos look fantastic considering you have taken them with your iphone camera! Well Done! :)

  3. OMG! I love the Nicole by OPI accent nail! So perfect with that base coat!

  4. Thank you all !!! I am glad you guys liked it :)
    Vicky - I know thos eare great pics for an iphone but I'm looking for a good point and shoot camera to take my mani pictures. If you know a good one please email me contact,

  5. This looks awesome! I love the gradient effect you have going on with similar colors. It's very subtle and pretty!! I think I'm going to try with Nicole -One Less Lonely Glitter and .. hmmm Zoya Malia. I think they match up well. If not, I have PLENTY of purples. Along with blue, I can never have too much purple. I bet it would look cute with Milani Disco Lights and a pink creme. :) Thanks for sharing and for giving me some inspiration!! OOOOH, that might be my PaA Monday manicure this week, with BLUE!! YAYAY!!


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