Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Want to get a polish for almost FREE?

I am not just nails, files and polish. I am also a coupon girl that loves freebies or a sweet deal. I'm always looking for them. So I thought I would share one over here once I found one for nail polish. Yayaya!

So if you are in the States you can snag a Sally Hansen Nail polish at Target for only $0.04.
I love when I find something like that. If you don't buy polish cause you use the excuse to say that they are expensive please take advantage of this.

Go to this LINK here on to get a $1 off coupon on any Sally hansen Nail Color Product. If you cna't find it go under this zip code here 90210. Then click Personal Care on the left bar.You will be able to print 2 coupons per computer.

For the second coupon you need to go to Target website HERE and print your other $1off coupon ( the image is a box of one of those stripe nail stickers but it is valid for polish). Go to categories and you will find it under BEAUTY.

Then you will have a total $2 to spend on a Sally Hansen nail polish. Here's the scenario:

Sally Hansen Select Nail Color $2.04 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Sally Hansen Nail Color
-$1/1 Sally Hansen Nail Color Product
= .04 each after stack!

PS: If you need a nail treatment product you can also use in the sam epurchase above another coupon. Using the 1st link I gave you you will also find on the list a $2off coupon  for a Sally Hansen Nail treatment item when you buy any Sally hansen Nail Color. Isn't that sweet? Enjoy that deal!! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

São Paulo Nails Fashion Week June 8th 2011

 I was surfing online and looking the Fashion Week stuff in São Paulo and ended up seing a very unique thing other than trend on clothes on the runway fashion world. If you like nails, polish and everything related to that I bet you are gonna love to learn about this.

The event Nails Fashion Week happened in São Paulo, Brazil not too long ago on June 8th and 9th, 2011. Nail polish had its own spot on the runway spotlight. Fingers simulated walking legs on the catwalk. Yeah, you read right! The show had two fingers with theirs nails painted walking like a real model even stopping for a little pose here and there. It's so cute and so funny I can't hold a good laugh while watching the video. Not even writing this. They had  different colors and brands showing off their latest and greatest.

You might be wondering why an event like that just for nails. And why in Brazil? Yeah, I was wondering that too. And I bet, you probably weren't aware of this before. But people in Brazil buy enough nail polish to be ranked the 2nd consumer of nail polish in the world. Being a brazilian gal I am kinda pround of knowing that Brazil is the second largest market for nail polish, just behind the U.S., according to Euromonitor. Nail polish sales movemented around 700 million dollars in a year on sales just in 2010 in Brazil. Are you kidding me? That's a lot of money. But it's not hard to believe those little bottles make money circulate that much. For nail polish lovers, polish could be a currency for sure. Without saying that sometimes a nail polish can be as expensive as $18 like the Deborah Lippman ones or even more. So, imagine if you are a nail polish hoarder and buy at least 30 polishes a month without holding back regarding money? And then multiple by 12 to make it up a year. Yeah, nail polish industry thanks you ... I guess me as well. Except that I do hold back on spending a lot of money on a lacquer bottle.

Anyways, based on that fact brazilians love nail polish and also the initiative from Yande and Content House, the idea of the Nails Fashion Week came from nail polish addict Juliana Lima of the blog That is so cool! If you wanna see more pictures of the show you should check her blog out.

I know at least 30 brands were on the nail runway. Brands like Avon, Sally Hansen, Risqué, Colorama and Givenchy. Now you should click play on these videos here and have some fun watching the nail trends.

The first video is what they showed on the news. And the other ones are just the show itself.

This one is the AVON collection

This one is Sally Hansen Insta Dry Collection. Their theme was called FireWorks.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I was so happy to finally find this shade of navy blue. I was looking for it for a while but could never find it. Then I was at Target last week and stumbled upon Sonia Kashuk polishes. There was just one Taunting Teal. There was my name on it. lololo I happily brought it home. The bottle looks like the PURE ICE polishes. Just has another name on it. Except I was a little disappointed. I didn't like the formula. It a bit too thick and it feels like you are applying glue to your nails. I loved the color though. I guess I'll keep looking for that color in another bottle.

BC: Essie ( I am loving that base color cause it keeps my nails from yellowing from wear polish)
Color: Sonia Kashuk 14- Tauting Teal
Stamping: Sally Hansen 230-Silver Sweep
Design: M60 both designs

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink Wednesday

I had this lavender color on my rack and thought it would look really cute. I didn't have a lot of time to work on it so I just did some stamping real quick on my ring finger and thumb. If you are looking for an affordable lavender color you totally should get this one NYC Lincoln Square Lavender. It retails for $1.71 plus taxes at most of the stores like Walmart and Target. NYC is not paying me to write about them but because I love those polishes and they so match with my budget here it is.

BC: Essie
Color: NYC Lincoln Square Lavender
Stamping: NYC 244-Downtown
Design: BM04

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vintage Victorian Flowers

I remember that I have seen this mani all over google then I saw this video on youtube and decided on trying my own free hand vintage victorian flowers. I added some sparkly strips to it to put my signature on it. This mani does look like wall paper. I wish I was good at making those flowers like my grandma Janda was when she used to paint on fabric. I used to just sit by her and watch her. I liked the smell of the fresh paint and playing around with her brushes dipped in a cup of water ... Oh sweet memories. That totally reminds me of her. Yesterday I heard she felt and got hurt really bad. I hope she gets better. I miss her a lot!
And also I think this mani it looks like a hand cream from Australia. I think the package is just adorable.

I used an app on my phone to age my picture and it really give the vintage hint to it. Don't you think?

BC: Essie
Colors: Sally Hansen 340- Mint Sorbet / Essie Fun in the Gondola
Stripes: LA Colors Art Deco White/ Wet n'Wild 435A-Sparked
Flowers: NYC 112-Times Square Tangerine Creme/ Wet n'Wild 449C-French White Creme
Leaves: LA Colors Art Deco Bright Green/ ULTA Professional Urban Jungle

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunset Orange

This is one of the RIMMELs I got it for free with a coupon I told you here. I already had some corals but for free I would get another one right? Plus I really like RIMMEL's brushes. The pictures don't do justice to the real color. The I took a picture of the polish bottle so you can have an idea how coral this is and not red like it looks on the images below. I keep on my stamping and for this mani I used all the designs from one plate.


BC: Essie
Color: RIMMEL 310-Sunset Orange
Stamping: Ulta Professional Lotsa Luxe
Design: M64

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Matte flowers

This mani just happened. I was using NYC and decided to play with stamping again and mix colors around. Then I applied a matte top coat. I didn't like this manicure and as soon as I was done I cleaned it off.

BC: Essie
Base: NYC 246-Park Ave
Stamping: Wet n'Wild 446C-Caribbean Frost/ NYC 114- Taxi Yellow/ PURE ICE Cream Siren
Design: M64

Friday, June 17, 2011

Gold Petites

I revisited this beauty from OPI Hong Kong Sunrise.

And then I had gotten a gold glitter from the new collection of Petites, 577 Petites 24K Gold,the other day. I decided to put over OPI. I wasn't expecting the gold glitter to be so strong on just one coat. I love it! It has lots of gold and golden orange glitter in it. But you know what I don't know if it goes well with the orange underneath it though. I don't think they go well together. Next time I'll throw that over a black base polish. I bet it will be a lot better.

Friday, June 10, 2011

 Like I am always saying, I love the NYC nail polishes ... specially these quick dry ones. They are my favorites. I love the formula and love the brush. When I use them I hardly need to clean it off afterwords.That's how great the brushes are. I spotted the NYC Murray Hill Mauve
 and had to get it when I saw it. It's a very discret shimmer polish. I like the wine color to it. I am just having issues and trying differente ways and lights to show the colors as real as possible but so far I have had no success whatsoever. I've tried to use my big Nikon but it's just to heavy for me to hold with just one hand. Tried to get the grip off of it but still. I also gave a try on my old broken Sony which used to have a great macro setting but yeah, it's broken. And the last two pics below are from my other old Sony. I am still using my iPhone to take my nail pictures. It's just so easy. But I want to figure out a good alternative to do better nail pictures. I'll just keep trying. Anyways, if you are reading this and want to give me some tips please let me know. They are very welcome.

BC: Sally Hansen
Color: NYC Murray Hill Mauve
Stamp: ULTA Lotsa Luxe

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quick mani

I thought of getting a new polish color but I didn't really had time for it cause I'm doing a convention this week. So, I went for a cute, classic and yet quick and easy choice. I went through my stash and put some brazilian nail polish Risqué Renda Vidrilhos. My sister gave me that collection a while back. it reminds me growing up when both os us used to do our nails together in our room on a Saturday morning. Sweet memories! On my teenagery times ( not that long ago ok? - laugh) that color was very popular. I know , it's plane and white tone. But the truth is that it goes with everything and that still is a " must have it" for a brazilian girl. Well, not specifically this one. The original one it looks like it but without out the little tiny sparkles in it. If you click on the first picture to make it bigger you will be able to see what I am saying.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

RIMMEL all the way

I've seen some girls doing the PINK WEDNESDAY where they wear pink polish on those days. I am not sure if I will commit to that but it happened to me to wear pink today. So, will see next week.
But, anyways, here is me wearing another RIMMEL I got with the coupon I told you on my past post. Stamping is coming along and me and the stamper are becoming best friends. The images are coming off of the plate and from the stamper to my nails pretty easy and I love that. I can't stop looking at my nails. That's the bad thing about stamping specially when you think you are getting good at it. No matter how pretty your mani turned out it won't last long cause you want to try another combination of colors and designs. That's bad lololo If you play with stamping, are you like that? I fight with myself to forget my nails for at least 3 days or if I have an accident and the polish chips that's such a good excuse to myself to change polish. lololo

Color: RIMMEL 140-French Rose ( it's just a french manicure and sheer rose base)
Stamping + Tip: RIMMEL 330-Posh Pink
Design: M60
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