Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pink Wednesdays - From Europe ...

Catrice yessss I have lots of CATRICEs to try. This is Catrice Just Married that I got from a swap with Meisies Nails from Netherlands. The box got here today!!!! I've been waiting for this box forever :) well, not that much but when comes to nail mail I get a little impatient you know?
She spoiled me so much that I am gonna be sporting my european babies here and then to you guys. I'll post pictures of what I go soon.
Just Married is a baby pink shimmer. I am not a big fan of light shimmer like this one. Maybe because that was all I used when I was younger in high school. But it sure is a beautiful polish. You need 3 coats though. Not drooling about this color. However, as my first experience with CATRICE I have to tell you that what most concerned me is what I loved the most. The brush. Because the round shape of the lid I thought that was going to be hard to apply the polish but no, it's just great!! As far as the formula, I was not impressed with this one cause like I said I had to put on 3 coats to achieve the color. A good polish for me is when you can the a good coverage with 2 coats. BUT BUT BUT, don't worry if you haven't tried any Catrices and you are now taking my word  about them. I've tried another CATRICE and I'll post pictures soon. The othe rone I tried was a cream and it was greatttt on applying. Just like butter!
Angelique thank you so much for sending me this polish though. You are great!!

It's beautiful though. Just so gracefull. Then I decided doing some stamping but I don't think my camera liked to show the colors really well. But in case you are wondering those are kisses print. And because I had 3 coats of CATRICE Just Married not even my seche vite could dry that fast enough. So, when i was stamping I had some issue. But anyways. Here you have it.

Base Color: Catrice Just Married
Stamping: Pure ICE Outrageous/ SH Chrome Pen Pink
Design: BM 02

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