Monday, November 7, 2011

Who are the 12 girls in the Lacquered Me Birthday Club?

Do you guys remember of my Birthday Club post?
Yeah I have a group of 12 girls including me. We are having so much fun putting this together and getting to know each other. The fun thing is that we are all from different states in the USA. So awesome!
The Birthday Club is ready to start and run this month of November with the birthday girl being ME :) How awesome is that? I'm already working on my package for Miss December.
Bare with me and you'll see what's inside of my 11 packages.
For now I want to introduce you the other 11 girls.
Take a minute of your time and make a visit to their blogs and/or facebook pages. They will all appreciate if you follow/like their pages.

January (Ninon) -
February ( Bee)  -
March ( Amber) -
April (Sarah J.) -
May (Arielle) -
June (Andrea) -
July (Kristal) -
August (Ashley ) - 
September (Erika) -
October (Jodi) -
November ( Ju ) -   
December ( Sarah B.) -

This is gonna be fun!!!!
Oh, and if you are interested on entering in a birthday club. My friend Mycah wants to have one and we are looking to fill the slots of February, March, October and December (Only US residents). Send an email to if you are interested. It'll start next year.

Happy Monday to you all!! And don't forget to visit my friends' pages :) Thank you!

PS: I'm not sure if I'll make it to the Monday Mani today. I'm sorry! I so busy today plus I have on a simple french manicure that I'm loving to have it on and don't want to clean it off ... not now lololo See you guys soon.


  1. YAY! :D I am working on your package right now! I'm having so much fun with it!

  2. Can't wait to get it Ninon :) I'm super excited!!!!!

  3. Can't wait to get it Ninon :) I'm super excited!!!!!


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