Friday, December 23, 2011

Xmas Manicure - Color Club Red Velvet

Here I am again!
And with some Color Club! I reached this beautiful shimmery red to work on something. This is called Color Club Red Velvet. A bit hard to photograph but here you have it.

Then I grabbed some nail art strips I got from Ebay a while ago and decided to play with it. Plus I hand painted a xmas tree :) Yay for that. I really need to pratice more with dotting tools. I used a 3 different colors for the tree: some Color Club and ULTA. For the strips I will tell you this. That didn't stay long at all. I applied top coat over it but after a day that thing came all off peeling really bad. But oh well.

What do you guys think? And hey, what are you guys plans for tomorrow? Anything fun? Lots of yummy food? See ya soon :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It

Sorry I've slow here on my blog. The main reason is my lovely computer that freezes now more often than ever. That drives me crazy. A simple thing that would take me few minutes to do now takes for ever.
I'm taking some time now to post this before Xmas comes and the Holiday Season is over.
What I have here is OPI  Swimsuit... Nailed It! I put that polish on my desk to be used but I really didn't know I could pull off something "Xmasshy" with it later.
I would describe this color, which its name seems very appropriate to it, like a  blue swimsuit from the 80's. Such an electric and vibrant blue. That color made me miss my childhood. So many memories. Isn't this pretty? I love it!

Then it passed a couple of days and I though of adding something  more wintery holiday like and I came up with snow and a snowflake BM14 on my middle finger. I topped everything off with Southern Lights and oh woww it feels cold just to look at it!

Base Color: OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It!
Dripping/ Stamping: Wet n' Wild White Creme
Design: BM 14
Top Coat : SV / Southern Lights

Friday, December 16, 2011

Essie Cocktail Bling Collection - Winter 2011

Oh it took me awhile to get those pictures together cause I actually wore those colors for at least a week. I absolutely love all the colors in this collection Essie threw us for winter this year.
This is Essie Cocktail Bling Winter 2011 Collection made out of 6 beautiful cream colors all together: Cocktail Bling, Brooch The Subject, Bangle Jangle, School of Hard Rocks, Size Matters, Bobbing for Baubles.

Image Source: Essie

I have here swatches of all the colors in that collection for you guys. For all of them I used 2 coats to achieve full coverage. Actually there are some of them that are so pigmented that you might just need one coat though. I had no problems as far as application. The formula on this collection is superb. Once I wore all of them I can tell the wear of those polishes is long last. I really really like them all and have nothing to say about this collection but good things. Now scrool down for swatch pictures.

 COCKTAIL BLING - let's start with the polish the collection was named after. Cocktail Bling is a pale gray with blue undertones. I love baby blues and love grays so the combination of the two made me just happy to have that little bottle I will tell you that.

SIZE MATTERS -  it's a blazing hot ruby red. It's a very interesting color cause sometimes it also look a very deep burgundy red like shown on the picture. I don't know if you guys already know that but I love red and love red polishes. That one could be different. It's so creamy that you could almost just wear one coat of it but I went with two. I can't wait to be able to have a pedi so I can put that on. It's a 5 star kinda polish!

BOBBING FOR BAUBLES -  is a deep dark sapphire. It's something very very unique in my collection. That polish was actually the one I was lusting so bad. when I saw a press about that collection I didn't care less about the other colors. That one just popped to me and I said out loud "I want you". That color is just fantastic.
BANGLE JANGLE - Ops, have we seen this before? I know right. Bangle Jangle looks like Cocktail Bling a lot. Just slightly different. However this polish has more a lavender tone to it than blue per say. Still very very pretty.
SCHOOL OF HARD ROCKS - such a pretty muted green toned teal. One of my favorites from the collection. Don't know how to define that color but all I have to say is ... I heart that one a lot!
BROOCH THE SUBJECT -  last but not the least we have that nude among bold and pastel colors. I thought it was wonderful of Essie to throw that color in the collection. I like collections that have diversity and gives you options. I'm not top keen on nudes unless I need to get out of the door real quick then Í'll put it on just not to have my nails naked. But I really like this one cause is really pigmented and makes my job easy on application. Love all the colors in this collection. Essie really rocked on this one!!!

Which ones are your favorites?
Have you tried any of those colors? Shar eyour pictures on Lacquered Me facebook page HERE.
Hope you guys liked the swatches :) Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Contest Voting Time

Voting time is on!
First I apologize for not being able to make the pictures available for voting on Dec 12th (Monday). I was out of town for the weekend and on my way back home I was caught by bad weather on the road and had to figure something out. Due to that I am now extending the voting time till Dec 31st and result will be released sometime in January 2012. Hope that makes it up for those who where sending me emails asking for the contest pictures to be shown.
If you wanna read more about the contest please CLICK HERE just knowing that the voting period has been extended. Now just head to my facebook page and enjoy all the entries and cast your vote by LIKE(ing)  whatever pictures you think deserve you vote. Any questions please shoot me an email to
Thanks to everyone who are participating. For those who missed out on this feel free to share your pictures on my facebook page (knowing that submissions for the contest are over).

My Sinful Colors Xmas Collection

I love to see what some companies come up with as their whatever something Xmas Collection. I was staring at these colors and thought of creating my own Sinful Colors Xmas nail polish collection. lolololo
Stay tuned for my own xmas collection direct from my nail polish stash :)

 LAST CHANCE - it's a deep cream pine tree green. And OMG super glossy. On the pictures above yeah, NO TOP COAT added. If you follow my blog your know I always say Sinful Colors polishes are a hit or miss. That one is a total hit. It's a must have it. I used 2 coats  for that mani.

 ALL ABOUT YOU -  a really cool gold glitter with some orange/redish understones to it. It looks so festive to me and also very very similar to what we have seen being released lately for the Holidays by NOPI and China Glaze. There you have an affordable dupe for those I'm talking about.

 SAN FRANCISCO - is a green elf shimmer color. I used 2 coats and I'm pretty positive I could have used another coat for full coverage. It's pretty and xmas like. Oh I love Xmas :)

RUBY RUBY - is a Santa Claus hat jelly red. Yeah you heard right. I mean you read it right. This red has a jelly finish. Just 2 coats and there you have a super pretty mani.

PS PS PS PS PS : Just reminding you guys that this collection was pulled off by me and is not something Sinful Colors released as a Xmas Collection ok? I just did that for fun. Sometimes we feel tempted to buy a whole collection of polishes just cause the So So Company released that "cool" collection and we do enjoy to see all of those colors together being called as THE collection. However, sometimes we do not realize we already have something really cool and/or similar to what just came out. And I believe we can pull out some colors and make our very own collection whith what we already got. Don't you think? Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Now go to your nail polish stash and try pulling out your Xmas collection.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl

Looking for a jelly finish polish? There you have it. Sinful Colors Dady's Girl is a sheer violet purple with blue undertones (it's looks more blue on the picture than it really is). That polish is packed with fine puple glitter and very subtle fine gold shimmer. That another good polish from SC among the bad ones. If you like purple you will like this one.

Enjoy your Sunday!!

REMINDER: Today is the last day for you to submit your Xmas /Holiday manicure picture to the contest. You have until midnight to send it in to For more details CLICK HERE

Saturday, December 10, 2011

NYC Burgundy + Nubar 2010

Oh weekend how I love you!!
This weekend I decided to wear something in a Xmas mood type a thing. I picked NYC Burgundy, a deep  burgundy metalic red. Love the color but I'm not a fan of that line of NYC, the Long Wearing collection.

I have wanting to try my Nubar 2010 forever and never did and thought it's time for some untrieds. I topped my Burgundy manicure with Nubar 2010 a super pretty flakie polish. Too bad my camera couldn't get it right and there is no sun outside for me to get that polish right in pic.

You can see it a little better on the picture above right?
What are some nail polish colors you like to layer Nubar 2010 over? I'd love to know your favorites :) Happy Weekend everyone :)

REMINDER: Tomorrow will be the last day to submit your Xmas/ Holiday manicure picture to the contest. Send you picture to And for more details CLICK HERE.

Friday, December 9, 2011

NYC Color Prince Street + PURE ICE Busted

Purple purple. I'm starting to develop a love relationship with the purple super purple color. I'm very into light purple, lilac, lavender though. Here I have NYC Color Prince Street, a good 2 coat violet purple with a bit of shimmer to it.

Then I tried some PURE ICE Busted as a top coat for it. It's a purpleish somewhat holo sheer polish. I could not capture that really well in pictures but I can tell you it is a must have. Really really pretty!!!

What do you think? Purple itself or with the top coat on it?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Classic White French Tip

I forgot to post these pictures. I was wearing this classic white french tip for a week. Can you believe that? But it was kinda nice to go back to one of my favorite looks in such a crazy week.
I did the french tip  free hand and I can tell you it was such a mess but after the clean up everything looked good. Impressively the right hand looked way better than the left (the one on the pic). I should have takne a picture to brag myself lololo
So what about you? Do you like the classic or the bold?

Base Color: French Rose
Tips:  Sally Hansen Whirlwind

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Pink - Essie Fun in the Gondola + NOPI Wear Something Spar-Kylie

Sorry Í don't have time to write details on this except I'm too tired. Here is my  Wednesday Pink mani. And that his looks way better in real life than on these pictures. Now, I'm gonna go straight to bed cause tomorrow will be a loooong day. Love you all!!

 I used Nicole by OPI  Wear Something Spar-Kylie for the ring finger and the sponging. Try to sponge gradient in a invert way but uhmm too messy. Whatever. I like it LOL Or better, if I don't I really don;t have time to redo the whole thing.

Base color was Essie Fun in the Gondola. Love that vintage pink. It's just adorable. And the you have it. See ya!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NYC Color East Village + Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope

I am here always saying how much I love NYC Quick Dry polishes and all. But today I have one I do not like it. NYC Color East Village, a sheer aqua blue with green undertones. I do not like the color nor either the formula. That formula is just soooo sheer and liquidy. I had to put 3 coats and still I feel like I needed to add an extra one to achieve its full color. But oh well, I still love NYC polishes. This was the only one I've found so far not liking it.

I decided to try something to make it wearable sponging some Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope glitter on the tips and uhmmmm I am not sure if I did any good to it lolololo

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Essie Mochacino

Super short post for a simple quick mani.
Here I have Essie Mochacino. Essie itself describe that color as bein a " perky gray with shimmer". Somewhat vague description for such a pretty polish. I'd described it being a light brown taupe with very subtle yet very noticeable fine silver shimmer. Very unique from everything I've got in my collection for sure. I just don't know about that color matching well with my type of skin but I do love this polish.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sinful Colors I Love You

Sinful Colors I Love You is a fine purple glitter in a purple jelly base. Much prettier in real life. It's a bit too sheer so I had to put on 3 coats. It kinda reminds me of Halloween. I know it's over and I must wear something more Xmas type of thing. But I wanted to try this one. It sure does different on your nail than how it looks in the bottle. You know, those type of polishes lololo But I bet that if you are a purple girl you are gonna love this one for sure :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter/ Christmas Nail Art Contest

Contest time!! Hope this time I can have enough entries. Without saying much and just everything about the new contest please keep scrolling down for further details.

Want to be part of it this time? Read this:

---> If you want to submmit your Winter / Christmas Manicure photo just send me an email to with your:
* Name
* Location where you're at ( just state/country)
* Follower name and FB fan name
* Your blog/fb link
* Your picture attached (ONLY ONE please). Don't give me the hard task to choose among 3 or 5.
ONLY ONE picture - you need to watermark your photo (optional) with your name or blog name/address. I won't be watermarking pictures this time . In case you send more than one I'll be posting on the contest board the first picture attached to your email.

---> It's FREE to enter this contest. You just need to submit your picture via email.

--->  It's open internationally.

---> I'll be responding back to your email so you know that I received it. In case you don't get an email back in 24hrs please, re-send your picture. That means I didn't get your email.

---> You can just do a simple mani or nail art, stamping, nail stickers or any other technique you would like to do. Be creative!

---> Only Winter/ Christmas themed manicures will be accepted to this contest.

---> Only photos with focus will be published this time.

---> Send your own picture. Please don't send me a manicure picture if it's not yours. I do not take any responsability for stolen pictures entering this contest. If someone sent me your picture and I have posted into the contest album on fb, please address to the person who claims to be the owner of the picture claimed, not me. I only take responsability for those pictures that I watermark with the name of Lacquered Me.

---> To participate you have to be Lacquered Me follower here on this blog and a fan on Facebook. You also need to be over 18. If you are under age please consult your parents or tutor responsable for you.

---> You can start sending your picture NOW . Last day to submit your picture is Dec 12th, 2011 (Sunday). After that date, submissions will be closed and you won't be able to participate because it will be time to vote from December 13th through December 25th, 2011. Results will be disclosed as soon as possible.

*  There will be just ONE winner.
* Result - The result will be the sum of LIKES on your manicure picture on Lacquered Me Facebook page(from friends and fans that liked your picture) +  votes from 4 judges ( a 10 year old - my niece who loves nail polish, a 3D art designer guy from Learn2Make app company,  a nail polish blogger and me). Each vote from each judge will add 25 points to the number of LIKEs you already have under you picture on fb. The max points you can get from the judges all together is 100 ( 25 points from each one of the 4 judges). Those points will be added at the end of the day of December 25th, 2011. The picture that will have more points will be the winner.

If you guys have any questions just leave me a comment or email me at

Hope to see you there!! Can't wait to get to share great manis done by you all.
PS: I'll let you guys know the prize later down the road like I did for the other contests. It's always something simple but a sweet surprise.This way everybody gets to participate more for fun than for the reward. Do you agree with me? This is just a great way to connect with other people and make my blog and fb page followers be aware of your own page :) Thanks for participating!!!

NYC Bowery Black

When you are traveling is just so hard to keep up with your mani. Here I want to share a quick manicure I did while I was on my trip.
I always bring my polish parafernalia along with me but where is the time to sit down and do my nails? Where? I just had so many people to visit with and places to go to that is almost impossible on catching up changing your already chipped polish. But this time I managed to change my polish doing a  quick mani. And here it is. I used NYC Bowery Black a black gunmetal cream polish with lots of pretty silver shimmer in it. Just pretty!
Do you guys own any NYC, the Quick Dry ones? How do you like them. I simply love and own almost every color from that line. They have an affordable price and the quality is absolutely superb.
Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend guys! Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Essie Blanc + Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl (dislike)

Where did the year go? DECEMBER!!!!! Is that right? Can't believe it. But you know what I am excited cause my favorite holiday season is here. All the sweet songs, the pine tree smell, the yummy food, the lights, luminarias, the decoration and the most important the remind to all of us that we need to show our love to one another and really feel what's the real meaning of Xmas. I love love love Christmas. what's your favorite holiday?
Ok, now let's go to the lacquer matter.
Trying another white polish. Today I tried Essie Blanc. Not my favorite of favorites. Just ok. It's not that creamy, somewhat watery and it got opaque on my 3rd coat. Then, I was like, " Yeah, I think I like it" but like I said here before I like the one coat/two coats polishes. If I need a 3rd coat then I decide it's not the polish for me. Just the way I am. Cause that would be paiting 30 fingers once you have to do 3 coats on each one of your fingernails right? What a hassle!

Then I tried over Essie applying Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl , a frosty shimmer white pearl ... and oh boy, superrrr draggy. I hate it!!! Do not like frosty finishes at all specially if they drag in some level that not even a great top coat (Seche Vite) can fix it. It's like I have mentioned here before: Sinful Colors nail polish are a hit and miss. Some of them are really great but most of them (in my opnion) are trash.

What are your opnions on Sinful Colors? Do you have SC Pearl Harbor? Do you dislike too or is just me?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pink Wednesday - NOPI All Kendall-ed Up

Is it Wednesday already? That's good when the week goes by fast. Here I have some pink manicure for you guys. Cuticles is looking better, yayy. I wasn't really on the mood for pink by the stamp made me love my mani today. What do you guys think? You can scroll down to see the pink by itself.

Base Color : NOPI All Kendall-ed Up
Design: M60
Stamping: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Talk Tuesday - I got my 11 packages from the Lacquered Me Birthday Club - Long post

Did you wonder at all how the 11 Packages Bday Club was going?
Yeah, I'm here to tell you guys how fun my birthday month was.  The Birthday Club went really well the first starting month. The  eleven girls spoiled me rotten with so many fun packages. I had all those 11 packages coming throughout the month of November and of course you can imagine how thrilling it was. Everyday I was so eager to reach in to my mail box and find something special in there. The limit price for the packages are $5-$10 and trust me that can make someone smile or even ... do a happy dance like I did :) I want to say thank you to Amber, Arielle, Andrea, Ashley, Bee, Erika, Sarah B, Sarah J, Jodi, Ninon and Kristal. You guys were awesome!! This was the best month birthday that I have had in yearssssssss. I love everything you guys shopped for me and even hand made specially for me. Each package meant a lot to me. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
So, here are some pictures I took along the month so I could share with us. Sorry for the bad quality photos. But keep your focus on what was inside of my special packages ok? All the girls did great!

 Here is a picture of all the 11 packages under my desk in my office. That's the way I kept track of how many more packages were coming on my way and had to join the other one under my desk. Doesn't that look super cool?

 Jodi's and Andrea's packages : those were the first ones I got right on my birthday week.  My first Konad polish and Kleancolor and some other awesome goodies. OMG I think I won't be able to describe how happy I am for all those things. But keep scrolling down to see more and more. I just wish I could have made a video of me opening all the packages. Seriously. It would be fun to watch for sure.

 Then I realized it would be great if I'd take pictures of the packages with name tags on who's gift was it from. Then i can remember to thank Bee for the awesome Origami she made ( my husband loved it) and all the confetti in the package ( I should have taken a pic of them - somewhat iridescent one, super cool) without mentioning the Essie she sent I'm in love with it and the other goodies. Kristal sent me some cool polishes I have never owned before. All of thema re new to me and I'm excited to try all of them. And I simply loved the bday card she sent me. Super cute. And thanks for the other goodies too. Thank you girls!!!!!
 Then I went to Arizona and got to meet with Sarah J in person. that was soooo fun that she got to give my gift present in person. We had lunch together, had somee polish chat and I got to open my package right there with her. I got some Sally Hansen Prisms. Such cool holografic polishes, hand cream, dotting tools and all the goodies. Thank you Sarah and it was a pleasure getting to meet you. I hope we can all get together sometime soon :) I got home from Arizona and had Ashley's and other 2 girls' packages waiting for me at home. Wowww!!!! I felt in love with the post card Ashley sent to me. I looove post cards. She also brought me back to sweet childhood with memories I have of me being crazy about Sweet Rocks. OPI and Barielle brought also a smileeee in my face as well as the owl earings and all. Thank you so much girls! I appreciate every little thing and if I don't mention something specifically that came in the package please dn't think I wasn't pleased with it ok? I did enjoy everything you all sent me :)

 Arielle made the bday card she sent me. How awesome is that? I just feel so special having all of these custom made things :) She bought me the cute NOPI mini set and Wet n' Wild beautiful glitter I had spotted  before but held myself back to not buy me that cause I was on a NO BUY. Then I get that. So awesome!!! She also sent me a cute sign and eyeshadow set with some great colors. Thanks and thanks!!!!! Erika sent me the nail wheels I wanted so bad to start swatching my nail polish collection, such a gorgeous post card ( I want to go to New Hampshire), and a Barielle I had on my wishlist for ever and INM Southern Lights. How cool is that? November was like Xmas day everyday for me. Thank you soooo much girls!!

 I am not a Zoya virgin anymore because of Amber. I did the happy dance cause I have been wanting some Zoya it's been a while and there I have it. Thanks for spoiling me Amber :) And the scented Color Club too. Amber also hand made a nail polish jewelry for me. I need to wear it and post a pic here. It's beautiful!! Sarah B sent me some more nail wheels ( love love), some SH minsi and my first Elf :) Love it! And a great post card. Yayy! Tahnk you thank you girls!!

 Oh Ninon's was the last one to arrive. Found her package on my door step and oh boy she spoiled me bad. She crocheted a cute very well elaborated hand purse for me. How sweet is that! Than the post card that was just so cool with all the neon lines. I want to visit all the states I goot post cards from. Then I got some nail polish strips, Revlons, Essie, Funky Fingers ( my second one), OPI and another Zoya. From zero Zoyas to some of them :) And my first Sephora everrr. Thank you so much Ninon.

And to finish here you have a picture of all the polishes I got from the Birthday Club on my birthday month. Lots of polishes I have to try now :) I love all of them and I find interesting getting stuff that I'd never thought of buying or either didn't have access to it or had in my wishlist. It was just super fun! I thank you all again. I got admmit I'm sad it's over however once December month is approaching let's Miss December have all that fun throughout her bday month. I sure know Sarah B. is gonna had a blast. If you wanna keep peaking out on what's everybody getting please feel free to visit the other participants blogs >>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<. Can't wait to send out my package to Sarah and see what she's gonna get.
Thanks for reading!
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