Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nicole by OPI Make a Comet-ment - Nicóle by O.P.I Make a Comet-ment

First of all pictures posted here don't do justice at all of the real color of this nail polish. Because it's a holographic polish it's just so hard to photograph but I tried to do my best on my iPhone camera skills lololo
What I have here is Nicóle by OPI Coment-ment. It's a holographic multicolor glitter e a base gray color glitter. When I saw thhis bottle for the first time I was like "OMG, it's a must have it if you don't have the GOSH Holographic". Well, not that I would say that this from NOPI could be a dupe for GOSH which I would absolutely disagree. Becasue it's not as pigmented as GOSH Holographic is ( I don't have a GOSH my own but I have seen it in person). But in case you don't have, can't find or afford a  GOSH you should totally get this one from NOPI. See the pictures below now to see this beauty.

 INDOOR under artificial light : it looks just like a silver glitter but in person IT IS NOT LIKE THAT.

Then I took a very upclose picture of the bottle so you guys could see it better. It's close but it's even more colorful than what the picture shows.

 Then I decided to wait for daylight and shot some on purpose blurry picture so I could have more lucky with catching up the colors my eyes see on the camera. And ok, I take that.

And now we can see the sparkly I am talking about.

And here too. If you wanna click this picture to see it bigger. Do it and see if you fall in love for this polish. Cause I did. It's a must have it in your collection. Except i have a hate realationship with Nicole by OPI bottles. They are funky and totally throws me off when I think of getting one of them.

 And explaining the picture above: that was shot outdoors with daylight. When I let the focus work then I can't get the camera to catch all the multicolor shimmer of the polish. That's why on the pictures above I had to shot with no focus. I guess the camera lens can't focus on the colors but just on the metalic silver glitter.

What are your thoughts on this polish based on my pictures?


  1. Wow, it's so sparkly!! Your blurry pictures show it so well!!

  2. I have on a dupe of this from Clair's now and it is SPECTACULAR!! I agree, it is a must have! It is like a rainbow in a bottle!! :)


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