Friday, September 9, 2011

Hard Candy Sky

Friday Friday !!

Today's post is to show to you guys my beautiful pastel blue from Hard Candy called Sky. It's so pretty!! Like I said it's a pastel blue with an almost very very subtle holo shimmer. You can't even see in person if you don't get up close. I love this color. It's just to sweet of a color.
It's beautiful by it self but I wanted to add something to it so I went with some stamping. Use a metalic turquoise color and I think it went good together. Still lovely don't you think?
Now I gotta go, but wish you a happy weekend :)

Base Color: Hard Candy Sky
Stamping: SH Chrome Pen Turquoise
Design: BM 224
TC: 0-60


  1. I have HC sky as well. I wear it with CND effects Blue shimmer to make a dupe of Chanel Rivas. Its a tad difficult to apply...but a love the soft pastel blue color none the less. I like the stamping color as well.

  2. I lobe this combination, works perfectly.

  3. Oh yah! That stamping was a great choice! It looks sooooo great!

  4. Those colors are so cute together. Good job!


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