Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Talk - My Lucy gets her nails done

Do you have a pet that you spoil her/him a lot?
I do. I have my cute chihuahua Lucy. I do her nails and she looooves that. She even falls asleep. I just do her nails one in a while though. I wait for the polish to come out by wear. Now take a look at Lu's nails.
Oh, and if you are wondering I use the same polish on my nails the answer is NO. I love my doggie but we don't share nail polish. I got her a little bottle from those Razzles, the pink tiny one just for her. It's a cream and very pigmented pink that I just need one coat. My hubby thinks I'm crazy but whatever. After all when Lucy's is on her girly poses we all enjoy looking and laughing at here anyways :)

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. First of all-why torture your pet with pink?!?! Why not something butch like Black? Poor doggy! I don't think it'd matter too much if you shared-all those chemicals and such!

  2. So cute :D I also have a girl dog, but she hates a smell of a nail polish, so this is a mission impossible for us two :S

  3. They just had some puppy polish on sale on a certain website. Gosh, I can't think of the name of it right now, or I'd share it with you. It's all completely safe for doggies.

  4. No You Didn't???? Hahahhaahaha How cute Ju!!!!!

  5. Your dog is so cute! Mine would never sit still long enough for me to paint her nails. She's a very hyper chi :)


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