Who Am I

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. This is my nail blog. Yeah, a blog just for nails. Here I get to show my manicures and all the colors I have with mixes and matches.
I am 20 something. Live in the States. My 1st language is latin based. So, be easy on judging me if you see any non sense on this blog. I have a hubbie and two puppies.
I enjoy crafting a lot. Probably I am not that perfect. But oh well, the perfection comes with pratice right? So here I am.
You will see along this blognail polish swatches and some of my thoughts being shared.And if I get really vain I will do tutorial - laugh. 
I wanna clarify this up front with you. I am by any means a nail tech or professional on this nail matter. What I share on this blog is what it works for me and I have no liability towards what you do with the information that's on here.
Like I said my job has nothing to do with lacquering nails. I am on the health care field and taking care of my hand is really important for me once I am washing my hands all the time.
Blogging was a way I found to be documenting my nail color every time I changed a polish. It's just so fun to look back to my pictures instead of just remembering them, right?
Then I started getting sweet comments which always makes me smile :) Your comments is what keeps me want to post my pictures.
I started doing my nails when I was 14 and until today I am grooming or at least trying it as often as possible. My nail polish collection grows ... but I am holding myself back on buying some more. Why do a little colored bottle make you so happy? lololo
Leave me a friendly comment. I love them! If you want to get a hold of me shoot me an email contact.lacqueredme@gmail.com

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