Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Mani PaA - Monsters

Sorry I'm sooo late to post this. I'm having a hard time blogging. I promise I'll do better and try to post these things on time for you guys. I have so much going on right now.
But, forgetting how bad I'm being ... Monday's challenge was MONSTERS. Immediately the Frankstein mani that we can see all over the internet popped in my mind. Free hand nail art for me is a big challenge so I decided to do the Mr. Frankstein as an accent and stamping on my other nails to make it quicker.
 Do you guys like this mani? Have you guys tried this design before?

And below is a swatch of Sinful Colors Innocent. I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop when I read the name. It's so not that polishes. This colors is not quite a neon but reading that its name is Innocence it c\kinda screams at your face. Love it!

Base Color: Sinful Color Innocent
Stamping: WnW Black Creme

And next Monday is Halloween!!! Are you guys partying any where? Have you decided on your costume? Planned your mani? Or you don't really care for Halloween?


  1. I love this nail art its so cute!! I have the polish Innocent and this polish really stains badly, if you dont have a good basecoat.. :/

  2. Wow, this looks really similar to the green I used for my Frankenstein inspired mani! I really like this :)


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