Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Mani - Happy Halloween - Color Club Wham!Pow! + Nicole by OPI Black Texture

Welcome Monday and Happy Halloween!!
This is gonna be super quick. Sorry, I couldn't be more creative with a mani for the Halloween day. I was wearing  some cool mani the past days though. If you want to them them out go HERE
For the mani of today I had like 10 min only to do this and I knew I couldn't do a more elaborated mani. I grabbed a pumpkin neon color from Color Club Wham!Pow! and used a black shatter polish from Nicole by OPI Black Texture.

Sorry for the picture above. I had such a hard time photographing that color Color Club Wham!Pow!.The real color is more like a traffic neon orange cone. My camera usually has a hard time getting corals, oranges.
And hey, I have to go :) I hope you had a great weekend. Did you get to go to any fun Halloween party?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Series - Dripping Blood Mani

Wowww Friday goodness!!! Are you guys going to any Halloween party out there?
For my Halloween Series I have here a Dripping Blood Nail Art. I can not take credit for it. But I also do not know who to credit to cause I have seen this design all over the net. And here is my take. I think this is a super awesome mani for Halloween. Don't you? My husband hates blood and he always wants to see what I did on my nails. Guess his reaction on this one? lololo He paled out (does that expression exist?). He didn't like. But " yeah, it's cute". Ohhhh, evil laugh right now!
For this mani I used a dotting tool but you can use a tooth pick or any pointed object. A white polish and a vampy red polish. This is a video I found on youtube that shows how I did my nails. Except that you really need to be fast on doing the drips cause the polish will form blobs on the point of your dotting tool. Click HERE to see the video. It's really easy do do it!!

And if you are wondering what I used for my white here you have it. This is OPI Alpine Snow my second favorite white polish for painting my nails (I have favorites for stamping so that's why the difference). But anyways my favorite white polish for painting nails is Jordana White. But for this OPI I had a good experience too. I recommend.

Base Color: OPI Alpine Snow
Dripping Blood: Essie Bordeaux

What do you think of my dripping blood nail art? I hope you like it as much as I do :)
And remember the Lacquered Me Halloween Contest ends this coming Sunday Oct. 30th. Remember to LIKE your favorite manicure to cast your vote HERE

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doing my friend's nails

My best friend from Arizona came to visit me the beginning of this month and we had a blast together. I was looking for this picture to share with you guys. Couldn't find anywhere but here it is. I did her nails! She loved it. It was so funny cause she said it was hard to choose a color cause I have so many polishes lololo than her son picked this color and said "Here, you paint my mommy's nails with this color". And OMG it couldn't be a better color to do a Halloween themed manicure. Too bad we were having so much fun that I forgot to take a picture of the purple itself. But, I'll do here some day. But enjoy the picture!! I just love it very much I wanna do the same mani on myself. And I jsut feel so proud of myself I did someone's nails. I'm still getting used to it. lololo And if you are wondering how I did this mani ... I did some sponging with two different shades of purple and then stamped over it.
Read details of the colors and stamping plates down below.

Base Color:
Stamping: WnW Blacke Creme
Designs: BM 224, BM 209, BM 223, BM 222
Sponging: RIMMEL Violet Metal and OPI Russian Navy
TC: 0-60

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Talk - My Lucy gets her nails done

Do you have a pet that you spoil her/him a lot?
I do. I have my cute chihuahua Lucy. I do her nails and she looooves that. She even falls asleep. I just do her nails one in a while though. I wait for the polish to come out by wear. Now take a look at Lu's nails.
Oh, and if you are wondering I use the same polish on my nails the answer is NO. I love my doggie but we don't share nail polish. I got her a little bottle from those Razzles, the pink tiny one just for her. It's a cream and very pigmented pink that I just need one coat. My hubby thinks I'm crazy but whatever. After all when Lucy's is on her girly poses we all enjoy looking and laughing at here anyways :)

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Mani PaA - Monsters

Sorry I'm sooo late to post this. I'm having a hard time blogging. I promise I'll do better and try to post these things on time for you guys. I have so much going on right now.
But, forgetting how bad I'm being ... Monday's challenge was MONSTERS. Immediately the Frankstein mani that we can see all over the internet popped in my mind. Free hand nail art for me is a big challenge so I decided to do the Mr. Frankstein as an accent and stamping on my other nails to make it quicker.
 Do you guys like this mani? Have you guys tried this design before?

And below is a swatch of Sinful Colors Innocent. I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop when I read the name. It's so not that polishes. This colors is not quite a neon but reading that its name is Innocence it c\kinda screams at your face. Love it!

Base Color: Sinful Color Innocent
Stamping: WnW Black Creme

And next Monday is Halloween!!! Are you guys partying any where? Have you decided on your costume? Planned your mani? Or you don't really care for Halloween?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Risqué Renda

Here we have a brazilian post. The best brazilian brand in my opnion.I absolutely love Risqué polish.
What I have here it's a super simple mani but I'll tell you it's a classic in Brazil. Risqué Renda is older than me. It's a sheer milky polish. Just adorable! And a pic for the record :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lacquered Me - Birthday Club Badge

Click on HERE to get it!
I know there are lots of birthday groups, birthdays clubs out there but I had never seen one in the Nail Polish World. So, I started with that and would love that if you organize a 11 Packages on Your Birthday (nail stuff) please give it a shout to Lacquered Me.
Thank you so much <3!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Series - Priti Polish - Gatsby Dahlia

I'm not a big Halloween person but I'm sure enjoying halloween mani requests I'm receiving. It's been fun. Also whatever I go I get lots of compliments on my nails. People ask "Where did you get your nails done?" and when I say "I do myself" , people are like "How?" I love that surprise face.
But here I have other Halloween mani for you guys. 
For the designs I used several nail plates, just so you know. The girl that thought my nail were so cool thought I draw these things myself. Oh, I wish i had that coordination!

Below you can see a swatch of my very first Priti Polish - Gatsby Dahlia. A very bright pumpkin jelly polish. I got this in a swap I did with Jodi. I got 3 Priti polishes.  I'll do a swatch of the 3 others latter. My opnion on this new brand is that I love the bottle (easy to hold for pictures and storage), the brush is flat which makes the application really easy. The formula is jelly and with 2 coat I could reach full coverage. I think I just don't like the color. It's sooo in your face bright. Besides that, I love my first experience with Priti polish. Also I have a hard time photographing some reds, corals and oranges. The tone of my skin changes incredibly on images. But here it is. How do you like this? Have you used or own any Priti Polish? What's your favorite color?

Base Color: Priti Polish - Gatsby Dahlia
The I used were from thumb to pinky finger: BM 225, M28/BM 13, BM 13, Wet n' Wild Tangled in My Web (black glitter), BM 04
Stamping: Wet n' Wild Black Cream

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Pure Ice Taupe Drawer + Sonia Kashuk Chocoholic

I'm sooo late to past my Pink Wednesday ... I had such a busy day but here I post.
I tried to do a funky chocolate french tip with Sonia Kashuk Chocoholic using tape. Oh, I'm not a master at using tape on my manis. I think I should practice more. Now to the pictures cause I am soooo tired and need to go to bed :)

And if you wanna see the swatch for Pure Ice Taupe Drawer here it is. It's a vintage cream rose pink. Usual 2 coats. I love PURE ICE polishes. This is is ones of my favorites. It's getting to the end and I have to get myself another bottle.

And remember of my giveaway with Essie Fall Collection polishes on the right side bar of this blog. Enter if you haven't already! See ya :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuesday Talk - LM 11 Packages on your Birthday Club

Good Morning readers!
For today's Talk Tuesday I have an invitation to all of you. Sorry, that this invitation is ONLY open to US residents. I'm really sorry! If you have read my giveaway post last week you already know why. If not, keep on reading please.


As I said before, my birthday is approaching in a couple of weeks, November 4th. And I am all about birthdays :) I know, I know, we get old - nothing we can do about it. However we can choose the bright happy side of it right? It's our special day and we all should feel special :).
I am inviting you to the  Lacquered Me 11 Packages on your Birthday Club.

Read carefully to learn how this is gonna work.

We have 12 months in a year, so we will need to have a group of 12 people. Each one of those people have to have a unique month for her birthday. In another words, a birthday for each month. One person a month.
We will be sending little packages throughout the year for each other. For example, if we have 12 people having their birthday on each month, we will be sending out a little package without receiving any package back until your birthday month arrives and then you don't need to send out any package because you will be getting 11 packages cause it's your birthday!
Let's say Mary is the birthday girl of the month of October. So she doesn't need to send out any packages on that month because it's her birthday month. And because it's her month she gets to get 11 little envelopes that can contain a birthday card, goodies or any nail related thing. It doesn't need to be anything expensive. Just a little thing to make Mary feel special on her month.
I just thought that idea would be so wonderful. If you are interested let me know if you want to be part of this group. I must let you know that the spot for the month of November is already filled with myself  :) And just remember that if you want to be part of it you really need to be commited to it. We don't want to make "Mary" disappointed on her birthday. Leave me comments about it. In order to get in the list you must send me an email to

Subject: Blogger Birthday Club
Content of the e-mail : 
* Your Name 
* Your birth date ( you don't need to disclose the year)
* State where you live ( sorry this is only for people in USA - it will be easier and cheaper to ship)
* Your nail blog/fb address your birthday month and other suggestions.

Can't wait to hear from you guys!
PS: Sorry if you tried to copy the list above to make it easier emailing me. But I have had issues with some people stealing contents from my blog and unfortunately I had to disable the copy ability away from this blog. I apologize!

Keep on reading the details and be aware what it will be like participating in this club.

- You must be 18 years old.
Sending me an email I 'll be assuming that you are not under age.
- You must have a nail blog.
This is a way to network among nail bloggers and every month we will have someone posting about all the packages she got. Where it came from and who we are providing links to our blogs and facebook pages.
- You must be commited to it.
When you sign up for this, you have to know that no matter what you have to send out an envelope to "Maria" for her month. Imagine if you were Maria, of course you would be disappointed for not receiving your package. So, you must be consistent. Remember, this club will be a little of a challenge cause you need to keep up with that for a whole year, 12 months.
- Once we have the group of 12 people formed we have to follow each others nail blog/fb pages.
- If during that year you change your address, you should immediately inform me. I'm not responsable for lost packages.
- Speaking of it, I higly recommend that all packages should be sent with a delivery confirmation.
- I'll be putting down everybodies name, month, blog address, mailing address in a google doc spreadsheet.
- If you are concerned about disclosing your address, feel free to buy a P.O. Box or provide your office address. Once we share our addresses I have to be clear with you guys: WE SHOULD NOT SHARE OUR GROUP's ADDRESS WITH NO ONE.
- Every month I'll be reminding who will be receiving the packages.
- If "Mary" 's birthday is on October 4th, you don't have to worry to get her package on that exact date. You'll have until the end of the month of October to send her package out. I will also share that same google spreadsheet I told you, with you all in the group. That way if you sent a package already you can go ahead and click an X on the box that will say SENT.

 I know I know, lots of details, but keep on reading. Imagine getting 11 sweet packages with a little surprise in each one of them?!?! Sweet huh? Ok, continuing...

- I know I am organizing this but I take no responsability for any lost packages, broken items and such. And I sincerely hope everything can go as smooth as a smoothie, sweet as sugar. With that being said, please ponder and really think if that suits you. Am I trust worthy? Am I committed to that? Will I be able to make somebody's day making a person super happy and excited for her birthday?

Remember people, each one of us 12 will be responsable each month to make someone in our club smile and feel special. Are you one of those awesome 12 people for this club? If you are please shoot me an email. You guys can also use the big blue tab on the right that says CONTACT ME, that will send me an email too. Send me an email, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If you do not hear from me in 24hrs that means I did not get your email. So, re-send it to me please. Also, be aware that maybe somebody already has reached me first for example, to fill out the spot for January  month(it's open) which is your month. Then, I'll just put you in the waiting list just in case some "fatality" happens to someone or whatever. That way I'll just have options you know?

But yeah, it's pretty much it. I know, lots of details. But once set up, I bet you guys will love to receive 11 packages throughout your birthday month. I bet!

Feel free to leave your questions on the comment box and also I am open to suggestions!

Talk to you guys soon!!

Monday Mani PaA - Green for Depression Awareness Month - updated

Green for Depression Awareness is the theme for today's Monday Mani. I decided to start the mani without really thinking what I was going to do and I think it came out cute. As far as the them I didn't know October was the month to host so many health issues awareness. That's great that I got to learn this through polish. Depression has been a big public health issue lately that if we haven't experienced that ourselves I bet you know somebody that is or have been dealing with it. So, let's light up the green color for awareness of depression. If you wanna read more about it click HERE.

Oh and if you are wondering what polish I used... this is RIMMEL - Rags to Riches, a shimmer metalic olive green. The formula is just super good. I thought that would drag or be streaky but nope, just great. Plus I love RIMMEL brushes. They make application so much easier. Then I did some green dots over gold dots. I'm not an expert at dotting but let's pratice right?

Drop me a line in the comment box and let me know your opnion on this mani.
Have a wonderful Monday you all!!!!

UPDATE: A follower posted these questions on the comment box. If those are your questions too here are the answers.

* Why green?
The ribbon for Depression Awareness is green.
* Why the dots?
Nothing to do whith the movement. Just my take on the challenge.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scream Peach by CATRICE

Another CATRICE here. When I got this polish I was just so so so happy. This polish was in my wishlist since I spotted it online. This one is CATRICE Scream Peach. Such a beautiful coral with a fine gold shimmer. I know Fall is officially here and it's been cold already. But to brighten you day up enjoy this swatch I did a week ago :)

You guys have a nice day!! Happy Friday :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Series 2011

Halloween spirit is here. Love it but I don't know why I don't really participate going to parties, dressing up and all that. But I guess I'll have to dress up my nails with some kinda of nail art, stamping or just colors.
I know I won't be able to come up with a bunch of ideas of Halloweeen scared manis for you guys due to time and also lack of creativity. But check it out HERE on the contest we are having on my fb page. There are 19 great entries there that you might feel inspired by for sure.
Until Halloween I'll be posting a few manicures I can come up with here.
This is is super simple and totally gives me the Halloween feel. The colors and also the texture. I didn't think crackle polishes would become such a hit but I gues they came to stay. I still see I bunch of people wear thos polishes and posting swatchings of them and all. I, myself, am not a big fan of crackles. But I was glad I had this black one from Sally Hansen - Ink Splatter to use on this mani. I don't really like the crackles from Sally Hansen cause of their brushes. It's to thin and that makes evene harder the application because crackles themselves are so hard to apply. This is just my opnion. Maybe you can master that way better than myself.

And if you ae wondering what green is that here is a picture for you. This is one of my favorite green from MILANI - Original. Love it!

Hope you guys liked this simple Halloween Manicure look. It's simple and quick. Do you like it? Is that Halloweenish to you?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Essie Fall 2011 Collection Swatches

I am so happy to have this collection. Too bad I didn't find the other 2 remaining that are Glamour Purse and Very Structured. You can see a picture of the whole collection HERE. For now I have 4 beautiful fall shades. If you wanna test your luck I'm giving away another set like that, one for each person. Head on over HERE to see details about the giveaway.

 From the far left to right on the picture above you see: Lady Like, Power Clutch, Carry On and Case Study.
Keep scrolling down if you want to see the swatches of them. Just want to let you know that those polishes are very pigmented, I used my trivial 2 coats for full coverage, application with no issues, all these colors have cream finishes, and no top coat used for the pictures you see. Overall, really loved these polishes.

 LADY LIKE - it's a dark rosed pink. I think the name suits this polishes really well. I'd say this would be the polishes to wear when you don't have much time for a full mani but still want some color on your nails. I love it.

 POWER CLUTCH - it's a dark gray polish with a military green undertone to it. Super fall/wintery right? I really really like this color. I know since last fall/winter we started seing the military green and they are still coming but that tone is quite unique in my collection.

CARRY ON - a dark plum color. It's beautiful and also very classic. I might have dupe for it in my collection. I have seen this color before in some bottle. But still, it's very pretty. I had a hard time photographing that color though cause it looks more dark on than through the bottle. 

CASE STUDY - very unique. Case Study is kinda hard to define its color. It's a nude but very pigmented beige with brown undertones that makes it to look a littlebold when it's on your nails. Very unique indeed. I liked that color but I don't know if it looks good on my skin.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Essie Fall 2011 Collection Giveaway

I'm so happy I get to have another giveaway here on my blog just for you guys!! It's been a pleasure to have all of you following me via this blog and/or my facebook page. I know we have the Halloween Mani Contest going on right now. However my birthday is approaching soon and I love birthdays. And because that is my favorite day of the year that I really look forward to it (even though I know I get older on those days lololo) I will be sharing that excitement giving away 4 brand new shades of the Essie Fall 2011 Collection.
Essie has 2 more shades for that collection but I just couldn't find it. Although the ones I have for grabs are the ones I like it. So, if you want to celebrate my birthday with me keep on reading and the fill out the form for the giveaway. I'm gonna be drawing 4 winners!!
Also, because I love being the birthday girl and getting as much attention as I can, would you send me a card on my birthday?
Ohhh, I was thinking about having a Lacquered Me Blogger Birthdays Group where we have a group of 12 people. A birthday for each month and we would be sending little packages throughout the year for each other. For example, if we have 12 people having their birthday on each month, "Mary is the birthday girl of the month of October. So she doesn't need to send out any packages on that month because it's her birthday month. And because it's her month she gets to get 11 little envelopes that can contain a birthday card, goodies or any nail related thing. It doesn't need to be expensive. Just a little thing to make Mary feel special on her day."  I just thought that idea would be so wonderful. If you are interested let me know if you want to be part of this group. I must let you know that the spot for the month of November is already filled with myself  :) And just remember that if you want to be part of it you really need to be commited to it. We don't want to make "Mary" disappointed on her birthday. Leave me comments about it or better send me an email to with the subject being Blogger Birthdays Group telling me your name, where you live ( sorry this is only for people in USA - it will be easier and cheaper to ship), your blog, your birthday month and other suggestions. Can't wait to hear from you guys!

I have swatches of these colors to share with you here soon.

Details for this giveaway:

* If you are under 18 please advise with your parents.

* It's starting right now and ends on Nov 4th, 2011 at midnight (Denver time) - ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!

* MANDATORY - you need to be a Follower and a Facebook Fan of my Lacquered Me page

* If you want extra entries read this : ask your friends to follow me here on blog + LIKE facebook page and leave me a comment on this post and a comment on my fb page say " YOUR NAME sent me here, and we wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Nov 4th". I'll be counting that as extra entries.

* There will be 4 winners.
* This giveaway is open internationally.

* The winner will be announced on November 6th, 2011 here on this blog and on facebook( the person will first be contacted by email and will have 24hrs to write me back otherwise I'll pick another winner)

* Winner will be picked ramdomly using

* I am not responsible for any problems with mailing as far as lost package, items being damaged or in case if the winner is outside of the USA, fee payment to pick up package is not included. With that being said, I want to say there will be no replacement in that case. Thanks for understanding!

Now go ahead and fill out this little form.

Good Morning at 1:04 AM

Yeah, I'm still up. And guess doing what? Put all the pictures submmited for the Halloween Contest up on Lacquered Me facebook page.
I'm super super tired right now, and tomorrow a long super long day waits for me. I'll probably be yawning all day long.
All I want to say is that the Halloweeen themed manicures are up


You can go over there and start linking your favorite picture. Votes will be the sum of LIKEs on the pictures plus the votes of 3 guests nail bloggers.

I'll come with details soon.

Thank you!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Lady Like

Hello you!
I have been as crazy as I can be this week. I guess it's good to be that busy so I can appreciate the calm times right? I still need to find time to put together the pictures I got for the Halloweeen Contest - yeah I didn't forget - laugh. I have girls emailing me asking for them. They are coming , they are coming. I promise.
Below you will see my Pink Wednesday mani. Not super pretty but it's a mani. I used one of the polishes from Essie Fall 2011 Collection ( swatches of 3 more of them coming up soon and also a possible giveaway, stay tuned.) But le tme know in the comment box, I have four of them for a giveaway ( different colors), should I give all of them for just one winner or 4?
Ok, coming back to this mani here, the polish I was telling you about and got sidetracked was ... oh yeah Essie Lady Like from Essie Fall 2011 Collection. It's a totally "lady like" polish. I think the name suits very well this color. That vintage darkish rose pink reminds me of when my grandma would get her nails done. I remember that. Back then, I was a kid and didn't like that type of color at all. I thought it was a color for old people indeed lololo. But 20 something years have pasted and I love those kinda of colors. Am I getting "lady like" type of woman? Yeah, another birthday is coming up in 3 weeks. Love them! Anyone of you planning on sending me a bday card or a little gift? Laugh. Oh, did I just beg for attention?!?!
People, I bet get going. I'm finding this blog now to be an excuse to be here sitting and just thinking about polish and how great my follower friends here are.
Thank you!! See you guys soon : D

BC: Essie
Base Color: Lady Like
Stamping: Rimmel Fast Dry - Ruby
Design: M 62
TC: OTD ( I'll never use that again over nail art specially stamping. Look on my ring finger how the design kind look weird over the polish. That was Out the Door top coat).

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Talks - If you are right handed can you relate to this?

Source: Unkown - it has been in my personal fb page album forever and I have no idea where I go this image from. If it's ours let me know and I'll credit you here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Mani PaA - Breast Cancer Awareness

This week I decided to get this mani for the challenge a little earlier last week so I could post early in the morning on my blog for you guys :)
The theme was in honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Those challenges always put me to think what I am gonna use and how I am gonna show my creative side. First thing came to my mind was the pink ribbon. And as I've told you guys before here. I am not good at free hand nail art. Don't even have those tiny brushes for it and all that.
I then went through my stamping plates to see if they had any ribbons there and I came across konad plate M63 that was a full design and I could kinda see ribbons getting untangled there.
I used Color Club Hot Like Lava from the collection Foiled. And oh boy is that something really top noche for stamping!!! Such a great polish to do your designs.

 Forgot to take a picture of my thumb but just cause some of you asked me. When I do any nail art where I put some accent on my ring finger you bet I have the same one om my thumb. Always!

 And if you are wondering what's my base color. Here you have the bottle. It's Essie Neo Whimsical. Super pretty cream baby pink but .... I have to tell you those are 3 coats of that baby. I usually love Essie's nail polishes. But for me they are either super good to apply or a disaster. I had a lot of trouble applying that polish. So thin, so streaky and dragging. I got frustrated and disappointed big time cause it's such a pretty pink. However, despite all of that I made it to work. And here is a picture of it by itself. Sorry for the dry cuticles.

BC: Essie
Base Color: Lady Like
Design: M63
Stamping: Color Club Hot Like Lava
TC: 0-60

Hope you guys like that mani as much as I do! I wore that for 4 straight days.
Thanks to those who submmited your Halloween themed manicure pictures for the contest. Submmisions are now CLOSED. But don't worry I might be having more fun coming up like .... a giveaway. Plus you guys will get to vote for the pictures submmited.
Happy Monday to you all!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last day to submmit your Halloween mani photo

Have you submmited you picture for the Halloween Manicure contest yet?
If not remember it's until tonight midnight. To read more details about it please CLICK HERE

Hope to get your picture :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Comparison Sally Hansen Nude Now x China Glaze Classic Camel

Friday is here!! And we are gonna have a chilli and windy weekend over here. I don't have any particular plans other than get my mug out the cupboard for some hot chocolate. Uhmmm love this time of the year!
And my post today is specially for Kellie, a girl from one of the groups on facebook. She was asking for some comparisons between Sally Hansen Nude Now x China Glaze Classic Camel. When I read that I instantly said to myself  " Oh, they are totally different in every single way possible." But I understand that if you don't have those polishes you wanna see swatches side by side no matter what. And also I couldn't refuse to do my first comparison post here on my blog right?
Kellie here you have it girl! And hope you enjoy the swatches that I did just for you :)

 Sally Hansen - Nude Now is one of my favorite nudes. It's a cream nude with pinkish undertones. I don't wear it very often but it's a great color to change your old polish and go without worring much about cleaning. I like it a lot cause it really blends with my skin color.

 China Glaze - Classic Camel is more a beige than a nude in my opnion. It's more yellow and there is a fine gold shimmer to it. I don't own many China Glazes myself. Probably cause I hardly ever pay full price for my nail polishes. When I bought this polish I grabbed it cause I loved the color on the bottle plus it was on clearance. When I put it on I was like " Nahhhh"  it looks terrible on my skin color. The polish a little to yellowish for me. But I kept though cause I like the color... on the bottle lololo

Now some pictures of the colors with its bottle. So you can agree with me THEY ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT!

Hope you all enjoyed my first comparison post. And if you want me to do one for you please contact at or on the tab CONTACT ME on the right side bar of your monitor. If I have the polishes you are asking I will be glad to swatch for you if I alredy haven't before.

Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Revlon Giveaway Result

Hey people,

Sorry I posted the results of the Revlon Giveaway here and on facebook.
Apparently it got lost here on blogger and it wasn't posted for some reason :( I'm sorry!
Good thing I had mailed the winner, she got back to me and the prize is on her way by now.

The winner was: Kara_9110

Congrats Kara and hope you enkoy your goodies.
Thank you for everyone always participating here!
Love you all!!

Jordana Purple Glam

Oh wowww!! I had bought this Jordana awhile back and of course this baby was on my untried pile. How come I have never tried this polish before? This is Jordana Purple Glam. I am super excited to show it to you guys.
Purple Glam is a sparkle glitter and confetti suspendend in a gorgeous purplish grape base. Looking at this swatch kinda looks like I've tried to do a glitter sandwich but no. It is the polish itself. It's really pretty! I couldn't stop loooking at my nails- laugh. And again, I have to say Jordana polish are really really good. Needless to say it's super affordable. I have had great experiences with jordana polishes overall. The price is great, it's quite good amount for a polish 15ml content, great brush, formula is always great and very pigmented. If you haven't tried Jordana polishes before you should give it a try.

And I had to do a blurry picture so you guys could see all the sparkle in that polish. I just love it!! I don't have anything in my collection like it. It's a must have!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lacquered Me Halloween Manicure Art Contest 2011

Hello you!
Last contest I held here during the month of August/September was a hit. It seemed everybody had fun. Even if all the contestes didn't get to you. But it was fun cause everyone was just happy to share their picture and put their blog/fb page word out there for others to see.
Even during the contest I got several emails askign me if I would consider to host another one soon. Then the contest was over and people still wanted me to do another one.
Ok, if you were one of those people ... here is what you were asking for.

We are gonna have a Manicure Contest Halloween Themed.

Want to be part of it this time? Read this:

---> If you want to submmit your Halloweeen Manicure photo just send me an email to with your:
* Name
* Location where you're at ( just state/country)
* Follower name and FB fan name
* Your blog/fb link
* Your picture attached (ONLY ONE please). Don't give me the hard task to choose among 3 or 5. ONLY ONE picture. In case you send more than one I'll be posting on the contest board the first picture attached to your email.

---> I'll be responding back to your email so you know that I received it. In case you don't get an email back in 24hrs re-send your picture. That means I didn't get your email.

---> Only Halloweeen themed manicures will be accepted to this contest. Let's inspire other people who are looking for Halloween themed ideas for their nails.

---> To participate you have to be Lacquered Me follower here on this blog and a fan on Facebook. You also need to be over 18. If you are under age please consult your parents or tutor responsable for you.

---> You have until October 9th, 2011 (Sunday) to submmit your picture. After that date submissions will be closed and you won't be able to participate because it will be time to vote.

Hope to see you there!! Can't wait to get to share great manis done by you.
PS: I'll let you guys know the prize later in the road like I did for the other contest. This way everybody gets to participate more for fun than for the reward. Do you agree with me?

Tuesday Talk - That's why I don't go the nail salon here in the States lololo

I saw this video on Youtube last week and thought that would be perfect to share here with you guys. I cracked my pants off while watching this. And all that I can say is that this girl Anjlah tells in a pretty good humor the reasons why I do my nails myself and refuse to EVER to go a nail salon.
I was watching that and talking to myself all the time " I know right ?" " Yeah, that's absolutely true" "Yeah, it's just like that" and such says and thoughts.
Now, click play if you wanna laugh !! You can probably see yourself in that situation.
Have a great day you all !!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Mani PaA - Give Me the Blues

Oh Monday ... Hope you guys have started your week well. I'm doing wonderful but just a little tired from my fun weekend with my friend.
I didn't have time to have my nails done for today's theme this past weekend. I just did my nails tonight though. I'm happy with today's theme. It's Give Me the Blues and we had to use only blue polish for this challenge. I was so happy for that cause I love blue but I didn't really knew what I wanted to do.
Then I started looking my stamping plates and tried to find images that were similar so I could do a full stmaping on all the nails and get a little image and just do an accent to the ring finger. Here are some pictures. Hope you guys like this as much as I do.

And foy you to enjoy, here is a swatch of Sally Hansen Navy Baby, a dark navy blue with a fine subtle shimmer. Very very pretty!

Base Color: Sally Hansen Salon Manicure - Navy Baby
Stamping: Sally Hansen Chrome Pen - Turquoise
Design: BM 12/ BM 20
TC: 0-60/SV
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