Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New MILANI Color With Impact 2012 Nail Lacquer Shades

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Wow! I am super excited to share some pretty cool swatches from MILANI with you.

 MILANI uncorks its 2012 Spring new products celebrating 10 years of "Color with impact"and the #1 multicultural color cosmetic brand. Congratulations MILANI!!

MILANI Nail Lacquer is bringing to us 22 new shades this Spring. Today I will be showing you 11 of them. They are beautiful! They claim to be professional, long wearing, chip resistant formula, super glossy finish, trendsetting and fashionable runway shades. They will retail for $3.99 a bottle. Important to remember that MILANI nail polishes are 3 free (DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde Free). Bottle size: 0.45FL OZ/ 13.2ml.

I am very pleased with most of the formula of the polishes I will show you here. Love the variety of colors cause in my opnion can make everyone and every taste happy with it. I guess some shades presented here won't be a big surprise for you cause you might have seen it or have in your collection. But I higly recommend this cause they formula are just really good to work with.

See for yourself the new colors below and you decide for yourself which ones will catch your attention. Hope you guys enjoy all the swatches!

SILVER STTILETOS - is a silver metalic that I was affraid would be draggy but not at all. The application was effortless with 2 coats. For anyone who does nail stamping this might be a great option for a silver.

KEY WEST - a metalic aqua teal green with blue super fine and sublte shimmer to it. I really like this color. 2 coats.

DEEP THOUGHTS -  the name suits the color really well. That is a great beautiful deep violet purple that i could almost use just one coat but I have 2 coats though. Only issue I had with that color is that my bottle was a little too thick and I had to drip some thinner in there. Other than that. Look at how shinny that polish is. I have no top coat there.

DARK COFFEE - a true cream dark chocolate brown. Thumbs up for that one. It's so so pigmented I could almost just have one coats but I have 2 instead. This is another one you should have if you enjoy nail stamping. I'm so happy I finally have a brown, a really good quality one, well pigmented for stamping. Besides comtemplating that polish for stamping purposes I like that brown and I think it looks good on my skin color. I find myself having a hard time wearing brown.

TEDDY BROWN - another brown but here we have a cream late taupe color. In real life looks way darker on the nails then what it shows on the bottle. I like it though. 2 coats.

SIGNATURE GOLD - a metalic copper gold that I applied 2 coats.

JUNO - it's a bubble gum color with a very subtle pink shimmer to it. That color is great great. I was yet to find a good pink (in that shade) that would be easy to apply. i am in total love with that color. I know, it looks simple, you have seen it numerous times before in the market. but the formula of that one stands out for sure. I'm hugging that bottle. Love you Miss Pink Juno. I have 2 coats. 

SAIL AWAY - ok I am beyond happy with those new shades MILANI is launching. This one here is one of my favorite. I applied that one on a blink of an eye. Can you believe that what I have there is just ONE COAT? Yes, it is. Formula is perfect, application just easy as a cucumber. Sail Away is a gorgeous navy blue that gets well blended with fine metalic silver shimmer to it. Thumbs up!!

BEACH FRONT - another one coater right there. yes, it is just one coat. Love it!! It's a bright baby blue (not in your face kinda of color, just lovely) with some fine metalic silver shimmer to it.

ORCHIDIA - a lilac purple with fine silver shimmer. I loved it on the bottle but on the nail became my least favorite of all. The formula was too runny for me that made application not as easy as I desired that to be. I applied 2 coats but I think I should have done 3.

MINT CANDY - 2 coats of a neat muted mint green that has some interesting metalic green shimmer to it. It almost looks teal to me but I will say that's more to a mint.

What are your favorites ones?

Now, go ahead and visit MILANI and say "Hello" to them:

* Product(s) was (were) sent to me for unbiased review purposes*


  1. Okay, I need "Deep Thoughts" like yesterday.

    1. It sure is a gorgeous color! I would like to have it too :)

  2. Gorgeous polishes! I especially love Beach Front and Mint Candy.

    I tagged you for the Cute Blog Award.

  3. Awesome swatches. I'm excited to see these in person soon!

  4. Zomg!! Deep Thoughts, Teddy Brown, BeachFront and Mint Candy, MUST be mine!! Going on my wish list right now ♥

  5. i'm loving these shades... trying to find Beach Front online but no luck. anyone know where i can grab one online before i try going to stores?

  6. I bought deep thoughts last night. Didn't have time to paint my nails t. Yhough because I was too much into the movie breaking dawn ¦]
    I am really loving how Juno looks on you but I am more of a caramel color with yellow undertones so not sure how it would look on me.

  7. Everyone loves Deep Thoughts and I'm not an exception ;)
    also shade Sail Away caught my eye


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