Saturday, February 25, 2012

Butter London Big Smoke

Pin It First time sharing with you guys an expensive polish. Something I usually don't give my money to. I am a good girl letting it pass: high end big brands polish. Not because they aren't good but because I don't have the money to splurge myself. In fact, I do own another Butter London (Wallis) that my sister got me for my birthday but I never got to use. I guess because I like the color so much. But I will show you guys soon.
This polish I have for you guys today was obtained to thank goodness a swap. I love that I'm so blessed with my polish enablers friends. They are keepers :) A while ago I got thi Butter London Big Smoke in a swap. I was sooooo thrilled. But when I got the package this polish there spilled bad all over the bubble wrap and envelope. On top of that that stuff wasn't smelling like polish. The fumes were bad I mean you couldn't stand it. I don't know if had a reaction with the packing material or the lid (cause the lid melted) or if it really was the polish formula that was rotten. I had no idea. But I was sure I wouldn't put that on my nails even if the bttle said Butter London "Hey I'm an hefty priced polish!" What I did was put the polish bottle away in my garage cause the house was smelling bad. I even offered my swapper to send the polish back cause I wouldn't wear and she said to keep it.
Last week my mom said "Hey, I found a polish in your garage". I had completely forgotten about it. I got the bottle, stared at it, smelled, thought and re-thought. Wear, don't, wear, don't. I couldn't resist the blue. The bottle wasn't smelling like the smell I still recall from that day. Then I decided to give it a try. The battle I had to deal was to open the polish cause remember I told you the cap had melted when I got the polish last year. I put the bottle in pure acetone, in hot water, everything I could do it to get it open. I was super careful cause the last thing I wanted was to break the neck of the bottle LoL. I finally got it open and yayyy I'm glad my swapper Lailaa told me to keep the bottle. As you see in the picture the cap is not melted. Yeah it's not cause that's my Wallis cap I used to make the picture pretty.
Butter London Big Smoke is beautiful. I feel like a million dollars. Except I wiped that off my nails yesterday afraid the formula contained any acid and would ruin my nails. I'm a freak I know. But here you have it a swatch of it!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sinful Colors Mint Apple + L.A. Colors Treasure Island

Friday is here ... February is almost gone! Where does time go? Anyways, life goes on and on and it's up to us to catch up with it. lately I've been finding pictures I took a while ago and never posted. There was this hidden folder with some stuff. The pictures I have to share with you though aren't that great. maybe that's why I haven't posted before. My cuticles are dead dry and I apologize for that. However this is one of my favorites Sinful Colors polish. I have showed this one on a post before but I am revisiting. I might need to use it again and show a better and decent swatch of it. This is Sinful Colors Mint Apple. A lovely green mint with some shimmer to it. Well, I'm not good at describing colors but all I have to say is you have to have this in your collection.

Then I got sme sponge and dabbed on the tips with L.A. Colors Treasure Island. I think they go super well together. Plus I always love to do some sponging. That always look great and it's an easy way for a good mani look for sure. I should sponge more often.

Have you tried sponging before? What are your favorite color/texture combo?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lilic's Nail Plates GROUP BUY - CLOSED


Recently I found out about some cute plates from Lilic's Blog. But the price of $28 for a set of 2 plates and $20 for just one held me back from buying it. < The plates are in Brazil>
Then I thought that I wouldn't be the only one interested in buying them. I am here organizing a group buy for those plates in order to try to low the cost of those pretties.
Down below you will see some images of the plates that Aline sent to me. If you are truly interested fill out the form I have put together HERE.
If we get at least 10 plates to be ordered then each plate will come down to $8 each + $7 dollars shipping from Brazil ( that amount will be split among us) + shipping from me to you that should be $1.56 to $2.00 depending on how many plates you are gonna order. Anyways, as soon as I have a good amount of people signed up for the fun I will be emailing you guys with the exact total.
Thank you!
PS: Sorry, but this group buy is only for the girls in the States.

Again, if you are interested on the group buy fill out this form HERE. Thank you!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pink Wednesday - Milani Juno + Milani Gems

Pin It Trying to get back on track but oh life busy life!
I would like to thank all of those who sent me fb messages and email wishing me a speedy recovery. My surgery went well besides the "groggyness" (is that a word?) by all the heavy meds I was on. I'm happy am doing better and I'm back on driving and doing the little things we don't appreciate till we face situations like that. I hate rely on people for little stuff. However it was a bittersweet moment cause I could also feel how loved I am and that people do care about me.
Anyways, getting back on track means posting a pink on wednesdays too, right? Today I have Milani Juno again. I have posted some colors of Milani's new shades HERE few days ago- a new shade for their 2012 Springs colors. I'm really pleased with the color and formula of the color. It applied greatly. And today I'll show it topped with fun colored glitter Milani Jewel FX Gems. Love it the easy combo!

Do you like it?

Monday, February 20, 2012

China Glaze Sexy Silhouette + some lovely skulls by DRK-A nail plate

Pin It Yay! I'm finally posting this.
A couple of weeks ago I got the DRK-A nail art plate from my brazilian friends Katia and Adri .
Such a fun plate with more than 40 different cool designs: lots of hearts, swirls, polka dots, doggy paws, cats chasing butterflies, animal prints, flowers, spider net, bee comb and more. I will be posting details on the plate later. But for now I can tell you that the images are way bigger (wider and taller) than Bundle Monster and Konad plates. If you have long nails you are gonna love the DRK-A plate. I so wish I would have bigger nail beds and could grow my nails long.
For now just scroll down to see my first try on my new brazilian nail plate. Great quality product! All thumbs up for those brazilian chicks. They did an awesome job and I'm so proud of them.
Stay tuned for further information on pictures, size, images and details on how to purchase your own and ... a giveaway :)

Base Color: China Glaze Sexy Silhouette
Design: DRK-A plate
Stamping: Wet n' Wild Black

Essence Chirp, Chirp!

Pin It I have tons of untrieds I should start put to use. I've got a swap box last year from Europe and haven't tried my beauties yet. Then I found these pictures I hadn't posted yet. Not any color special but a pretty subtle shimmery nude from Essence NATventurista Chirp, Chirp! I am always excited to wear Essence polish cause I love their brush and formula too. I wish we had more options of Essence here in the States besides the Colour&Go (those little ones at ULTA). So here is my cute nude. Whenever I want a quick mani I always go to a nude over just having naked nails.

Then I got my stamping stuff and went for something more. I pulled my best gold polish for stamping: Sally Hansen Chrome Pen Gold and stamp stamp chop chop with Konad M65.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

GREAT DEAL : get a $40 Bloom voucher for only $5 + Free Shipping

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I've been MIA here on my blog due to health issues. I'm getting better and soon will be bringing some colorful and fun stuff to you guys :)
For now I have been on the look out for good deals and today I have a very very good one that you can take advantage. Even if you are on a no buy like I am LoL. We can't let this one go. Ok, finishing talking and going straight to what the deal is.
You guys have probably heard about the awesome promotions have thrown lately. They have another one going on right now. They have partnered with Gilt City to provide this awesome voucher:

Get a $40 voucher for only $5 + Free Shipping 

The blue prints for the deal:

- First, is working with GiltCity (it's kinda like Groupon) giving $40 worth of voucher for $20. To end up spending only $5you need to follow these steps:
  1. Become a Member of Gilt City by clicking on this GILT CITY LINK (if you don't see your city there, select any it doesn't really matter for this promotion where you live at). If you are a new member you will receive a $15 Gilt City Credit when you join. (You will see your credit in the "Special offers" section under "My Account". It will also be automatically used for your first Gilt City Purchase). This $15 credit is what will eventually make your Bloom Voucher worth $5.
  2. Buy the Voucher on Gilt City ( Hurry offer Ends on: Thursday, February 23). 
  3. Click Here to register on  By the way, on the plus side: Bloom is offering $10 to spend on your first purchase. Enter code NEWBLOOM10 (only for new costumers, min of $30 purchase).
  4. Now start thinking on what you will spend with your $40. You will find lots of different beauty brand on including OPI, Zoya, Stilla and more.
Are you excited about that deal? Hope you enjoy!! Share this post with your friends!!
Come back here and leave me a comment if you snagged that awesome promotion :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New MILANI Color With Impact 2012 Nail Lacquer Shades

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Wow! I am super excited to share some pretty cool swatches from MILANI with you.

 MILANI uncorks its 2012 Spring new products celebrating 10 years of "Color with impact"and the #1 multicultural color cosmetic brand. Congratulations MILANI!!

MILANI Nail Lacquer is bringing to us 22 new shades this Spring. Today I will be showing you 11 of them. They are beautiful! They claim to be professional, long wearing, chip resistant formula, super glossy finish, trendsetting and fashionable runway shades. They will retail for $3.99 a bottle. Important to remember that MILANI nail polishes are 3 free (DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde Free). Bottle size: 0.45FL OZ/ 13.2ml.

I am very pleased with most of the formula of the polishes I will show you here. Love the variety of colors cause in my opnion can make everyone and every taste happy with it. I guess some shades presented here won't be a big surprise for you cause you might have seen it or have in your collection. But I higly recommend this cause they formula are just really good to work with.

See for yourself the new colors below and you decide for yourself which ones will catch your attention. Hope you guys enjoy all the swatches!

SILVER STTILETOS - is a silver metalic that I was affraid would be draggy but not at all. The application was effortless with 2 coats. For anyone who does nail stamping this might be a great option for a silver.

KEY WEST - a metalic aqua teal green with blue super fine and sublte shimmer to it. I really like this color. 2 coats.

DEEP THOUGHTS -  the name suits the color really well. That is a great beautiful deep violet purple that i could almost use just one coat but I have 2 coats though. Only issue I had with that color is that my bottle was a little too thick and I had to drip some thinner in there. Other than that. Look at how shinny that polish is. I have no top coat there.

DARK COFFEE - a true cream dark chocolate brown. Thumbs up for that one. It's so so pigmented I could almost just have one coats but I have 2 instead. This is another one you should have if you enjoy nail stamping. I'm so happy I finally have a brown, a really good quality one, well pigmented for stamping. Besides comtemplating that polish for stamping purposes I like that brown and I think it looks good on my skin color. I find myself having a hard time wearing brown.

TEDDY BROWN - another brown but here we have a cream late taupe color. In real life looks way darker on the nails then what it shows on the bottle. I like it though. 2 coats.

SIGNATURE GOLD - a metalic copper gold that I applied 2 coats.

JUNO - it's a bubble gum color with a very subtle pink shimmer to it. That color is great great. I was yet to find a good pink (in that shade) that would be easy to apply. i am in total love with that color. I know, it looks simple, you have seen it numerous times before in the market. but the formula of that one stands out for sure. I'm hugging that bottle. Love you Miss Pink Juno. I have 2 coats. 

SAIL AWAY - ok I am beyond happy with those new shades MILANI is launching. This one here is one of my favorite. I applied that one on a blink of an eye. Can you believe that what I have there is just ONE COAT? Yes, it is. Formula is perfect, application just easy as a cucumber. Sail Away is a gorgeous navy blue that gets well blended with fine metalic silver shimmer to it. Thumbs up!!

BEACH FRONT - another one coater right there. yes, it is just one coat. Love it!! It's a bright baby blue (not in your face kinda of color, just lovely) with some fine metalic silver shimmer to it.

ORCHIDIA - a lilac purple with fine silver shimmer. I loved it on the bottle but on the nail became my least favorite of all. The formula was too runny for me that made application not as easy as I desired that to be. I applied 2 coats but I think I should have done 3.

MINT CANDY - 2 coats of a neat muted mint green that has some interesting metalic green shimmer to it. It almost looks teal to me but I will say that's more to a mint.

What are your favorites ones?

Now, go ahead and visit MILANI and say "Hello" to them:

* Product(s) was (were) sent to me for unbiased review purposes*

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nailtiques Moscow

Pin It If you have noticed I loved red nail polish. And today I have another one for you. And a brand I have never used before. I will be showing you Nailtiques Moscow.
And here is what the company has to say about them:

" Nailtiques is an innovator in the worldwide nail care industry. Our company is dedicated to the development and maintenance of healthy, natural nails. Our complete line of prescribed, salon-tested products provides the best nail care system available today.
Our company’s success is based upon its unique products that promote natural nail growth, strength and moisture retention. Since 1990, Nailtiques has been providing therapeutic nail treatments that surpass all others. Nailtiques nail care system treats multiple nail problems with six specially formulated protein strengths. They not only supply nourishment to strengthen nails, they also eliminate peeling.
Nailtiques crèmes are a vital source for healthy skin and nails. The unique formulations provide complete nourishment that promotes and maintains a healthy foundation for long strong nails and beautiful skin.
Nailtiques is based in Florida and is the sole manufacturer and distributor of its products. Because we will not sacrifice quality, our products are made of the finest ingredients."

They sent me this beautiful cream tomato red that really surprised me. Moscow is a one coater. Yes, I said that all we need is a one single coat to reach full opacity. This is all I have on the pictures above : one single coat. It's a very pigmented red polish that is now one of my favorite polishes. All thumbs up for that red by Nailtiques. Application was flawless and effortless. For now I just have that color for you.
Their nail polish retail for $10 for a bottle of 1/3oz (pretty good size bottle).
They claim their color lacquer is infused with protein. They also have several products in their line that will treat, improve and provide better look and health to your nails. If you go to their website you will see tons of stuff they have: base coats for maintenance for healthy nail, treatment for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails and care for natural nail. You will find 16 different shades of nail lacquer with protein as well as cuticle and skin gel, nail moisturizer, hand conditioner, foot creme, cuticle oil, nail polish remover and even nail biting inhibitor and fungus treatment. Lots and lots of good stuff.

Visit their website CLICK HERE.

You can order Nailtiques products from:
 their website -->
 on the phone --> 800.622.7222 / 772.228.9738
 by mail --> Nailtiques 10315 102nd Terrace Sebastina, FL 32958
 or find a dealer in your area HERE --> you will be able to find it at ULTA, Walgreens, CVS, etc.

Do you wanna see more color swatches? Visit Nailtiques website and leave a comment telling me what color you want to see swatched :)

* Product was sent to me for unbiased review purposes*

Friday, February 3, 2012

OPI Lunch at the Dehli

Pin It Hello you guys!!
I wish I could be more consistent posting on my blog. Thank goodness I have a facebook page so I can say "Hi" more often. It's really hard to keep up with both blog/fb but I do what my time allows me to :) So, I just appreciate your visit here.
Today I feature another OPI I got from my friend Mycah. She has been my enabler on my polish fun.
I have a pile of untried and this one was in there. I know it's been cold. The weather calls for dark bold colors but I really wanted something vibrant and colorful to cheer me up. This is OPI Lunch at the Dehli. It's a cream peach coral type of color. It's a bit different in real life. Yet beautiful!

I washing my hands a lot, doing stuff around the house and got some tip chips from that. I loved that color so much i refused to wipe it off. Then I though of layering with some NOPI Black Texture. I am not a big fan of crackles but the would save my mani for a couple more days. It kinda gave me the bold super bold look. I somewhat like it though :) Just HATE the NOPI bottle shape. Can you tell how awkward is for me to hold that for a picture? Ridiculous. NOPI if you are readign this please CHANGE THE SHAPE OF YOUR SAGGIE BOOBS NAIL POLISH BOTTLE. Do you agree with me?

And hey the Be My Valentine Nail Art Contest needs your vote. Have you seen the cute entries yet? vote to your favorite one HERE.

Thanks for watching!!

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