Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Mani PaA - Rockstar

Can't believe I am STILL sick. I got a flu and then my sinus is attacking me really bad. Am I gonna get any better? Thank you for the lovely get well messages I got. I am some what better compared to how I was during the weekend. I didn't even touch my nail stuff.
Monday, late at night, after being in bed all day long I decided to give it a shot on Monday's theme for this week. I decide to copy cat Rihanna's nails since the challenge for this Monday was Rockstar. On the picture below she is wearing the Half Moon Manicure also know as Reverse French Manicure.
I thought it was a bit funk and not my style but you know what? I love it. And I kinda feel like a rockstar ... but a sick rockstar lololo Well, this style of nails is not a nowadays trend.
I learned that in the late 20's - 30's women back then didn't use to paint their whole nails. They would paint just half of the nail leaving the half moon of the nail painted in white. For more info on that read THIS great post. Now to the pics.

Base Color: Jordana White
Half moon: PURE ICE Iced Copper
TC: SV (hate cause it shrunk my polish so bad :(


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