Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Talk Tuesdays - Shocking

All I have to say today is regarding an article that was posted last week.
 I will link the article here and stuff so you guys can have access. You guys probably have heard about it or read something before. I don't want to get into that matter too much but I'd rather want to clarify my position as a Nail Blogger. But really I will be very very brief. I am by any means a nail professional. I am just a nail polish enthusiast that loves to polish my nails. None of what I share here is what you must do but what I found to work for me. And I have mentioned this here before. Also, as I blog I have no intention whatsoever to take over the nail techs' jobs in the market. I started blogging because I merely wanted to catalog my manicures and thus share with friends. I am not trying to steal anything from the nail professionals. I never said here on my blog you guys should not go to nail salons or quit going. Doing my own nails work for me but might not work for you and I am fine with that. I am not here to try to convince you guys to start doing what I do. I love blogging about my nails and nail polish trys because I am passionated about lacquer, colors, combinations, mixing and match and my nail polish collection and also my love for sharing such things with you guys without bragging myself. I started blogging cause I could look foward to share my findings and drive my thoughts away from my daily problems I deal in my life. My nail polish blog is my scape and has healed me. Anyways, every nail blogger might have their owns reasons to have started a blog and I bet none of them were to dimish the work of nail techs, I bet. The article sounded just a little disturbing and insane to me. I just feel so sorry for the person who wrote it. I can just give her the benefit of doubt and only think that maybe she was having a bad day when she sat down to write that.
I am not sharing this to create more issues but just to clarify my nail polish blog purpose. I am gonna keep blogging and sharing my pretty colors. And if you have a blog too I tell you KEEP BLOGGING. The sun shines for everybody! And as nail bloggers we are not here to compete who is the best. Through this nail polish world I have met so many great people and I have learned with so many of you guys. I've learned with your fail and success, your tips and tutorials, your taste and your hates and so on. Maybe I do need to write this to thank you all for participating in this nail polish blogger world even though you don't have a blog but it's a follower. You are part of this comunity!
With that being said you can got to the links below and read:
* The Opnion of a Nail Blogger - I am a 100% with her!!

Image Source : Motherhood the Truth I just couldn't find a better picture for the subject of this Talk Tuesday. You guys have an awesome Tuesday!!!!

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  1. She assumes that everyone is going to stop going to get their nails done. I have heard that even nail bloggers will go and get their nails done, I would. I would get my nails done and just do my designs or what have you on the acrylic nails that I had on. I personally like my nails though, It has taken me YEARS to get where I am, I was an avid nail biter with hang nails and dry weak cracked nails. I think to each their own. I am happy blogging, it is what I look forward to doing every day. I love sharing, becoming friends, and looking at others blogs. Nails are my life.


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