Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Talk Tuesday - For how long are you willing to go without cutting your fingernails?

Hey lovelies! Good morning :) How are things going? Hope you week is going great so far.
On today's post I am sharing one of my pet peeves in the nail world. Way too crazy long sick dead nails. That is really disgusting for me. I really don't understand why people let their fingernails grow in such long lenght. I know that if you are reading this and enjoy having your nails long it's not of my business. I know. However I have to say that when I see something like the article below I can't help but I am brainstormed by those questions: How those people function? How do they do simple things like going to the bathroom? Cleaning the house? Doing dishes? Getting dressed? Yeah, that is a good question. How do you put your arm through the sleeve of your shirt? The lady on the article below, which held the title of  the longest fingernails on Guinness Book, had her nails broken during a car accident? When I read that I was like "How she managed driving? Holding the steering wheel? Buckling the seat belt? All of that stuff you know?" As I read that and I have my brain being bombarded by the questions I just mentioned I was also sorry for her loss. I was sorry cause it was something that she cared for over 30 years. And if she did so it was cause she enjoyed doing that. I don't judge her. Who know her motives to have such fingernails?  But yeah, I was happy for her loss, and even happier when I read that she said after the accident things were much easier to do. Good for her!
I worry about the independency that you loose when you let your nails grow that much. I worry about being trapped in your own body and by your own will. I worry about those nails being house for billions of bad microorganisms and bacterias. Uhhhhhh! All of that. Sorry to speak up about this subject. But it was just what came to my mind and what always come to my mind when I see situations like that. I am happy with my nub fingernails here.
 What are your thoughts about it? To read the article a little better click on the picture to make it bigger.

Source: Around Globe


  1. That is INTENSE! I am amazed at how straight her nails grew though - usually they get all curly on Guinness Book of World Records style nails. I keep my nails just beyond the tips of my fingers or up to half an inch past. Any longer than that they just don't look pretty to me so I file them back. I showed that photo to my other half and he was like, "How does she go to the bathroom??!?" LOL! We're all wondering the same questions. XD

  2. That's true. I didn't realize her nails grew straight. Most of them get all curled up. Still.... not for me lololo

  3. That picture totally grosses me out!

    Even if I wanted to do that - which I NEVER would (lol) - I couldn't. Mine break so easily! Mine never usually get longer than just to my finger tip.

  4. OMG this is so gross!! I saw a program the other month that showed a lady with long nails-but nothing like these!! How do you do life with those on? AM a new follower!!

  5. I totally agree with you! Once nails are an inch past your fingertips I can't see how they're livable. I like mine to have about a 1/4 inch of white "moon" showing at the ends AT MOST. They are usable at that point!
    But I just don't understand it when I see women with TALONS struggling to open their purse and use their phone... you know what I mean...


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