Sunday, September 18, 2011

OPI - Jade is The New Black

I have here OPI Jade is The New Black. Isn't beautiful? It's such a beautiful cream green. I love OPI polishes. Such great formula, very good brush and the aplication is amazing! I agree that Jade could be the new black lololo But yeah, this color is a MUST have it in your nail polish collection.

Then, I think I told you here that I was out of town for Labor Day. I went to the Brazilian Festival in Utah. I was craving some brazilian goodies. I then decided to do something brazilian on my nails. Take a look of Brazil's flag.

It's beautiful huh? I love the colors on the brazilian flag. I came up with this then.

What do you think? The funny thing about that was the attention I got from my nails. I met some of my brazilian friends there and they wouldn't even give me a hug or anything it was just "Hey girl, let me see your nails!!!" But I still felt loved :) We also had a Manicure Party during my stay and we all had a blast. I will post the pictures soon!


  1. JitNB is one of my most favorite polishes of all time!! :)

  2. A very pretty green! Love the flag.

  3. JITNB is an amazing color ! You're right the formula is awesome. OPI makes the best nail polishes ! Love your flag mani !

  4. So in love with this green! Green is my fave - we have manicure parties here every week - I think it's one of the best ways to connect! <3

  5. I haven't seen this polish in a while, so I am glad you posted it! It is beautiful color!


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