Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Series - Dripping Blood Mani

Wowww Friday goodness!!! Are you guys going to any Halloween party out there?
For my Halloween Series I have here a Dripping Blood Nail Art. I can not take credit for it. But I also do not know who to credit to cause I have seen this design all over the net. And here is my take. I think this is a super awesome mani for Halloween. Don't you? My husband hates blood and he always wants to see what I did on my nails. Guess his reaction on this one? lololo He paled out (does that expression exist?). He didn't like. But " yeah, it's cute". Ohhhh, evil laugh right now!
For this mani I used a dotting tool but you can use a tooth pick or any pointed object. A white polish and a vampy red polish. This is a video I found on youtube that shows how I did my nails. Except that you really need to be fast on doing the drips cause the polish will form blobs on the point of your dotting tool. Click HERE to see the video. It's really easy do do it!!

And if you are wondering what I used for my white here you have it. This is OPI Alpine Snow my second favorite white polish for painting my nails (I have favorites for stamping so that's why the difference). But anyways my favorite white polish for painting nails is Jordana White. But for this OPI I had a good experience too. I recommend.

Base Color: OPI Alpine Snow
Dripping Blood: Essie Bordeaux

What do you think of my dripping blood nail art? I hope you like it as much as I do :)
And remember the Lacquered Me Halloween Contest ends this coming Sunday Oct. 30th. Remember to LIKE your favorite manicure to cast your vote HERE


  1. Looks very cool the Essie looks like real blood, I love it.

  2. Looks freakishly scary!! I like it!

  3. These are awesome and that red is perfect for this mani!


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