Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My very first youtube video

Guys I am still homesick. As I can get any sleep, rest without pain I had to find something to do. My friend Sara suggested me to do a video showing my nail polish collection. I wasn't really gonna do it but I needed something to distract me from real life. I do apologize you guys for the bad quality of the video plus my mumbling. Excuse me. But please cheer me up cause I think I am kinda brave to put myself out there on You Tube :) I was so nervous while recording this. Dork? Yes, I am but me and a camera aren't best friends when i am in front of it. Well, I don't appear on the vivideo but I mean my voice is there. Anyways, here is my video where I am showing (not showing off though) my nail polishes and my nail station. Please just focus on the polishes and forget to listen to me lololo
Subscrive to my you tube chanel! OMG I have a youtube chanel. I am a youtuber now - laugh.
Hope to get well soon!


  1. omg!! you talk so adorable. i love how you say "video:. i'm so jealous of that rotating thingy!! great video!

  2. Oh Beanie you are so sweet! It's good to get such a sweet comment about my "video" ( I am saying video out loud now just for you lololo).

  3. AI que linda!!!!!!!! Amei Ju. Deu saudade de voce haha. Menina voce ta aqui ha apenas 3 anos (mais ou menos) e seu ingles ta mil vezes melhor que o meu (que to aqui ha quase 8 anos) hahahahahaha. Uma graca! Amei Ju!!!
    Faz mais videos!!!!

  4. Obrigada Nani! Tu é uma fofa. Eu to morrendo de vergonha nesse vidoe ai mulher affff. Vou pensar no caso de mais video kkkkkk

  5. Ju, you're so cute! Loved the video, keep them coming :) I too am jealous of your rotating rack. lol Miss you girl! Get well soon!


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