Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sally Hansen Metalics Fall 2011 Collection

Time is really going by fast. Summer seems almost over when we see everything is all about fall/winter colors popping up here and there.
Sally Hansen has released an awesome Fall 2011 collection with beautiful metalic colors. I am stocked with all the shades. And even more impressed that they have recently released this collection to the stores and at some of them you can't even find that collection. They are gone already at some stores. You will probably be able to find at Walgreens and Target.
They retail for $5.49 and trust me those colors look more expensive than what they really cost.
This collection consists of 7 metalic beautiful colors.
Here are a couple of pictures of all the nail polishes together.

All right, now to the swatches. Here are the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes for Fall 2011. Hope you guys all enjoy these swatches. And trust me, they are way beautiful in person.

PRESTO PEWTER - such a beautiful silver/gray metalic. Just like foil. It's a dark gray with beautiful shimmer in it. This one makes think of nail stamping with it. Can't wait to try that on. It looked opaque with just one coat and dried super fast. Awesomeness!!

BRONZE ABLAZE - first of all : that pictures does not do justice to the color. That is a gorgeous olive  shimmery metalic. Probably we can consider it being a duochrome once it always looks olive and bronze depending on the lighting. I had to use 2 coats to have a good coverage. Except one finger nail. Look at my pinky finger and you will see how it looks with just one coat. So, I am just not sure if this polish with be good for stamping though.

RUBY RUSH - I don't know why but that color reminds me when I was a kid when I used to drink Fanta Grape. That's what comes to my mind when I see that color. A grape bubbly color with lots of raspberry shimmer to it. Such a neat dark fushcia metalic color. And this is soooo fall/winter. For that look

COCOA A-GO-GO - it's like a metalic coffee color. It looks more metalic on the bottle than when applying on your nails though. The pigment of it is not as strong as the other ones in this collection. You definetely need to apply good 2 coats to achieve a good result color wise. Not sure of this will work for nail stamping. Ring and pinky fingers have just one coat of Cocoa a-go-go.

TEAL-Y FAST - Metalic shimmery beautiful gorgeous teal. Yeah, I love this one!! Much much more beautiful in person. You guys got to see them all in person to have a feel of what I am talking about it. Just one coat of this beauty and you are good to go.

GRAPESCAPE - It's a deep deep purple. Very hard to photograph it's true color. It looks a metalic navy blue but it actually is a dark violet metalic color. To best describe the color of that polish I should step up and say its color compares to the violet antiseptic solution + sparkle to it :) it's NOT blue like in the picture above at all. I tried different lights to see if I could catch the right color but nothing. Sorry for that. Anyways, that polish is full of pigment and I used just one coat. I had a little issue with its application though as you can see on the middle finger there.

QUICK BRICK - such a classic color. It's a shimmery burgundy. This formula is full of pigment. I just needed to apply one single coat for that look. Probably stamping will be a success with it.

What I Have to say about them?
- Used NO top coat
- Great application
- Affordable
- Very good flat brush
- No streaks
- Dry super fast
- Opaque in one coat (some of them)
- Once they are metalics I am assuming they must GREAT for stamping. See photo below. I did some swatches of stamping with them on a blank piece of paper.
Can't wait to use those on nail art stamping! I am pretty sure they are gonna be great for that!!
What are your favorites?

= Products sent to me for review =


  1. I have Bronze Ablaze and it really is the most GORGEOUS color. Plus it is awesome for stamping! I like this whole collection, especially that purple.

  2. Girls I can't wait to use them for stamping : ) They are all great colors!!

  3. That's awesome that you stamped them on paper, I was going to suggest stamping because they look like "silver sweep", our favorite one for stamping! :)


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