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MILANI - Vintage Nail Collection

Today I come here to share with you guys MILANI Vintage Nail Collection. Hope you guys enjoy all the colors and comments here posted!

About: MILANI is a family owned and operated that was launched in 2002. it has grown to become one of the leading brands of color cosmetics in the mass marketplace.
           MILANI products are full of color and life, color with impact, combining quality formulas, upscale packaging at affordable prices, and designed with all women in mind, especially for women who love to wear color.       

CLICK HERE or on the image above to buy this collection

The MILANI Limited Edition Vintage Nails consists of 8 shades of  nail polish DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde Free. Contents: 0.45 FL OZ/13.2ml on each bottle. These retail for $4.49 each and can be bought in store or online at Milani Cosmetics.

They do remind me of vintage and bring me so many memories from the time I was a little girl. I like every and single color in this collection. They are even prettier in person than on pictures. I know people have been talking about trends for the fall/winter already but the summer is not over yet. Take advantage of this and sport these beautiful spring/summer shades.
Keep scrolling down cause I have swatches of each one of them for you to check it out.
Just for the record on swatching these polish I want you to know, if not stated below that:

- I used 3 coats to achieve the color you see. Exceptions below.
- No top coat added
- Brush has good quality and offers good application
- Color on nail is true to the bottle
- Finish very good
- No streaky
- All the colors are cream but there is a slighty very subtle shimmer to it (in some of them). You can barely notice. But it's sure pretty.
- Only downside but yet not too bad -> formula a little runny.
- Would I buy or recommend them? Totally

 Now to these beautiful pastel colors:

UNIQUE -  is a yellow pastel. I usually don't like yellow tones on my skin. Maybe I just hadn't find yet a good yellow... until now cause I really liked this one. The formula is great and the finish really surprised me. I am in love with this yellow.

 ORIGINAL - is a pale mint color. It kinda looks a little to bright on the picture than what actually is. It's lighter than that. Lately I have seen a bunch of girls wearing that kind of green. Finger nails and toes. If you are a mint color lover you should add this one to your collection.

 RETRO - is a pastel orange coral. Also a little lighter than shown on this picture. I have been loving corals lately. From nail polish to my wardrobe. I don't know what about it but I just love it. And that MILANI shade is asking me for "bis" (again). I'll sure to wear these again pretty soon.

 VINTAGE - is a beautiful nude you should add to your stash of polish. I only needed 2 coats on this one to achieve an opaque look. The formula is really good, thick and opaque. Love it!

 TIMELESS - is a gray with a very tiny little shimmer to it. You can't barely notice but I really like that. This is another color I have been all over in the past few months. Love grays. They are the new black for me. It goes with anything and yet so classy and modest.

 ANTIQUE - is a baby blue even though looks to bright on the picture above. It's very pretty in person. It kinda have a grayish tone to it and sometimes looks a blue lavender. It's a gorgeous color. I have other blues in my collection but nothing like this one. Love blue? Got have this one.

 FASHIONABLE - is a beautiful purple lavender. You can achieve the color with just 2 coats but for that picture I decided to add one more coat cause ... maybe I liked the color too much. Seriously! That is one of my favorites.

 ATTIC - and the last but not the least. An opaque black that I only needed 2 coats for that look. Of course MILANI had to make room for a black shade in this collection. Why not? Black is vintage and is classic. Great black by the way. I am always affraid of applying black on my nails cause first I think that's gonna stain my nails and second I am gonna be doing a mess when I apply and the cleaning is gonna be a pain in the neck. But you know what? I didn't need to deal with any of those issues. This is definetely a have to have it.

And now so you can see this collection photographed by me. Here are some pictures so you can see those beautiful shades together. This was my first time wearing MILANI nail polish besides the only gittler I had. overall experience : I think I found a new great brand of nail polish!!

If you wanna visit MILANI website please go to:
And you can also LIKE them on their FB page:

= Products sent to me for review =

How Milani describes these:

"Professional, long-wearing, chip-resistant, super glossy formula with a spectacular color range of intensely vibrant shades, from trendsetting, fashionable runway to traditional best sellers. "


  1. i think "retro" is my favorite

  2. I like Vintage and Fashionable :)

  3. I LOVED "Original", "Retro" and "Vintage". Oh noooo... I'm being tempted into buying MORE nail polish!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! :)

  4. Having all of them sounds good to me girls. They are all pretty!! Thanks for the comments!! I am glad you guys liked the swatches :)

  5. I fell in love with the coral and the purple one :) Can you only get them online or do they sell at places like Walgreens?

  6. Helga, yes you can find them both online and in-store. You can find them at Walgreens, CVS or Target.


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