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SALLY HANSEN Salon Effects Real Nail Strips

SALLY HANSEN Salon Effects
Real Nail Strips

I have the pleasure to try one of these Nail Strips from Sally Hansen. There are some many diferent and unique looks on that collection. From brights to bold. They are just like polish but you just need to peel the sticker, apply and file the excess. Super easy! You can apply and go. No need to wait to dry.
You can find them at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS. Retail price $8.99 (depending on the store).
If you wanna see the different designs click HERE .
Sally Hansen sent me more designs but I have given away in my past giveaway to 3 lucky winners. I still have some left though but I didn't want to just swatch it for this review. I actually wanted to wear those stripes as long as I could to review about durability. And guess what? I was able to wear them for a full week with no chipping. Really good product.
This plaid design I am wearing is the Check it Out.

If you wanna know more about those nail stickers, please watch this informative video. You will also be able to see how to apply if you wonder how.

The box comes with:
- Instructions
- 16 nail strips of different sizes to choose from
- Nail file/buffer
- Orange stick

My experience on how to apply:

1) Have your nail clean and oil free. Do not apply a base coat.
2) Choose a strip that better fits your nail bed properly.
3) There are two stickers covering the strip. One on the top (that one will make the strip soft and ready to bond on your nail, you can remover this one completely). And the other stickers is on the botton ( this is the one that actually will be removed so the strip can be in contact with your nail. Don't remove that bottom sticker completely. See the picture below. I just removed half way. Then I cut it and put the left over aside for future use. Preferable on the oposite hand for the same finger.)
4) Doing step 4 as I tell you, you will be able to use a box of Sally Hansen Nail Strips twice once for every strip you'll use that same one in two nails.
5) After you apply the strip, go around your nail with the stick to make the strip smooth on your nail. File the excess with the buffer and file. Repeat that process in every nail. Leave the thumbs to do at the end.
6) Apply a dry fast coat (if you want to, not necessary though) so the strip can last a little longer and Tandaaaa. You are ready to go!!
7) When it gets down to time to remove the strips, don't freak out. You won't need to peel them out. You will just need cotton balls and acetone. Just remove as if it was regular nail polish. The strips will be dissolved by the acetone. Easy like that!

Cut the strip in half so you can use the other half on the opposite hand/ fingernail. That way you don't need to use the whole box just once. You migh even be able to do hands and feet with just one box that way.

Have you tried those Sally hansen Strips before? What do you think about them? My overall experience is
 5 STARS. At first I hesitated a little. But you know what, that stuff really works and it lasts. I totally recommend.

Visit Sally Hansen :

= This Product was Sent to Me for Review =


  1. Well that's good! I actually didn't have luck with it. The next day it was chipping and peeling all over the place. I was so ticked that I spent that much money and didn't see any durability whatsoever. I wonder if I applied it incorrectly... But I don't think so, since I read all the instructions carefully. Maybe I'll give it another chance. At the moment my nails are bit because I've been stressed with school. Looking forward to seeing you though, and getting some manicure tips :) Beijos

  2. The houndstooth print looks lovely on you! I have some, but haven't tried them yet. I hope I have as much luck with them as you did.

  3. Thanks girls!
    Yeah, for me those strips wroked great. I almost didn't take them off cause I liked them so much. Will be for sure wearing them again. Hope you guys can give it a try or try it again. Wish luck to you guys!

  4. That's awesome you got a full week of wear time out of it! I have tried these before and liked them!

  5. awesome! I got some from another company online yesterday and plan to try them this week. Hope I like them as much!

  6. i havent tried them as cant get them here but they all look awesome, have you seen the halloween ones? they are super cute!


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