Sunday, August 21, 2011

Essie Products Giveaway Winner!!!

It's passed midnight on Sunday. Tomorrow is gonna be a crazy busy day for me. Oh yeah, no wonder Monday is waiting for all of us lololo

My giveaway with Essie products is now CLOSED. That means I can draw a name and see who is the lucky one to snag 5 great Essie items I posted up for grabs.

This drawing was done electronically through

We had 208 entries for this giveaway. And generated NUMBER 5. It was just so odd cause I hardly ever see it pick it up a low number. It's always something in between. But being odd or not person number 5 is gonna love because that was her lucky number right?

Now, let's the drums roll and pretty loud to say CONGRATULATIONS to:


I have sent her an email already and I hope that makes her happy. Well, it would make me happy. Specially me - laugh. I have never won a giveaway before lololo  Mary, thanks for being a follower of Lacquered Me. Thanks for participating in this giveaway. Congratulations!!!! I'll be mailing a little box to you on Tuesday :)

PS: I also have to say that I have more than 208 entries. I had to put 5 people away from being in the drawing of this giveaway. I am very sorry! :( The reason is that to participate of my giveaways YOU DO NEED TO BE A FOLLOWER of my blog. You can call me a freak but I check every single entry to see if you are a follower. I just don't think it would be fair to the other followers participants. Don't you think? You have probably forgot of follow my blog. You can still go ahead and follow me and be in future giveaways. Thanks for understanding guys! Love you all and care about every one of my dear followers :)
I'll see you later. I'll try to make to my Monday Mani before Monday is over I promise.


  1. Depending on when you cvhecked you might have removed my entry. I'm still a follower but changed my followername from Ilse van der Kooij to AlbinoBambi.
    But that's okay, I knew I would probably be out of the running for quite a lot of give-aways by doing that.

    Congrats to Mary-Lee!

  2. That's me that's me!!! I am the winner :) How awesome this can be people? I am so happy. Lacquered Me thanks for this giveaway. Love your blog and your pictures.


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