Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Pink Tip

I got this beautiful blue teal from Jordana and I was sooooo excited to try it on. I know I'm supposed to do a pink mani for today but I forgot - laugh. yeah, that's how excited I was to try that blue teal.
Then I thought " It's alright. I can add some pink to it. They will go together really well."
But talking about the teal from Jordana I got say I simply loved loved the color. It's opaque in just one coat. However I was a little frustrated with it. I know last week I swatched a pretty coral from Jordana. I had no complaints about that one. But I had issues with this bottle here. As I was applying the formula to my 10 nail fingers it started to get thicker and gooey around the open on the bottle. Maybe I just happened to score a bad bottle. Weird!! Oh, and I am not even mentioning the hard time I had cleaning the excess of that polish. It stained my cuticles and skin real bad. Imagine the nail!! And I am always applying a base coat before any nail polish. Plus, when I applied the top coat (Seche Vite then I tried 0-60) to it it kinda turned the blue teal into a greenish tone to it. I don't know, that was just so messed up.
Overall that's what I need to put up with when I love a color too  much.
I still love the color though and the formula application. And because it's Wednesday and On Wednesday I wear Pink here I have my mani of the day. I thought of doing this design with tape but I had no time for it. I attempted just a free hand and guess what? Not too shabby. What do you think?

Color:  Jordana Boy Oh Boy
Tip: ULTA Lotsa Luxe / Wet n' Wild Dreamy Poppy
TC: 0-60 / SV


  1. A cor desse esmalte é maravilhosaaaaa!
    Chique demais!



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