Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Talk Tuesday - A great advice you must never forget

I am having a heard time posting here with blogger. Keeps me giving me error. My post will be belated.
But it's ok. You guys will still see what I have to share today right?
My sister a while back sent me this image here { I have no idea where she found it. So, I'm sorry I can't link it back to where it came from}. It was on my computer and now late at night still without knowing what i was going to share on my Tuesday Talk with you guys I found this.
I have to go to bed cause work calls my name tomorrow early morning. But I can't stop laughing at this picture. Laughing at how stupid I am sometimes forgetting to go pee before start doing my nails. Yeah, even if I don't even feel like it. Does that happen with you? It always does with me. It's the pee conspiracy against a neat mani. Lately I am doing pretty good though. On my way to the "nail polish room" I have a bathroom so it kinda reminds me of a visit there before keep going down the hall. But answer this question: why do you always feel like going to the bathroom as soon as you are done with your mani?
Thank goodness for super duper dry fast top coats!

Image Source: n/a

Always visit the bathroom before doing your nails!


  1. I agree with that! Mine always smudge or ruin if I wait until after.

  2. Ha! I hadn't seen this before--very funny!

  3. hahahaha!!! I always pee before doing my nails but I still need to go after I'm done painting them. I love that pic of left hand, right hand, you should post that one next week ;)

  4. I know girls lololo Keep that funny stuff in mind cause that might not be so funny if you are in that situation right? :)


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