Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday PaA - Animal Print/ Animal

So I really you hope you had a better weekend than mine. I was sick in bed. My period came out killing me almost literally. My whole body hurt and I couldn't enjoy the weekend. I went to a rodeo though. I am not a cowgirl. But I was looking for something to do to drift my thought of having pain to other things. I couldn't stay for too long (too bad cause it could have been so fun). I got to see the little 8-13 year old boys to rid mini bulls. That's so crazy! And the funniest party and the best for the guys I bet was the bikini barrel race. If you are not familiar with that neither I was until then. Girls in bikinis (young to old, slim to fat) ride a  horse who runs like crazy racing around barrel in the field. Those girls, even the ladies are fenomenal. I could never ride a horse like that.
But anyways, I tried to find fun but my body was just a jerk to itself :( Sad.
I was affraid I wasn't able to do my assignment with the PaA wich theme's for today was Animal Print/ Animals. The first thought it came to me was of zebra, leopard or the famous lady bug you can see all over the internet. The I thought. That's too obvious. Most of the people would do that. I am not trying to compete or anything but just to challenge myself in make me do something else. For this design I came up with I must tell i can't take credit for it. I remember that I had seen that somewhere I don't recall. It was even before I got into stamping. So if you are seen this design and you did it in the past ---> the credit is all yours. Just shoot me an email. But the lady bug's eyes are mine. She looks totally real, doesn't she? 
So, there you have it. I'll come back tomorrow!


Base Color: NYC 110 - Luxury Lime Creme
Design: BM 13 / BM119
Stamp: ULTA  Urban Jungle / RIMMEL 320- Rapid Ruby


  1. This is one of the most adorable designs I've ever seen! Absolutely love it!!!! Can't wait to have that foliage plate :)

  2. Menina que linda essas unhas, eu adorei esse look. Eu nunca tinha visto nada igual, me apaixonei, quando criar coragem vou tentar fazer alguma coisa parecida, porque isso deve dar um certo trabalho aloém de precisar das coisas certas pra

  3. Thank you girls! That one was a little bit challing since the leaf stamping wasn't working that great. But at the end came come out somewhat cuete, huh?


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