Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Essie Fun in the Gondola with some flowers

I love Wednesday cause it's half week through. Also I have to wear my pink nail polishes. Here I have some stamping for you guys. I am really linking this one :) Don't have a lot of time to write more here so ... to the pictures now.

Base Color: Essie Fun in the Gondola
Stamping: Wet n' Wild Eggplant
Design: BM 224
TC: 0-60


  1. This is soooo cute! The flowers are perfect!

  2. super cute! and the contrast between the two colors is perfect.

  3. Love this tone of pink. Not too light but not too bright either. Love it!

  4. It doesn't even need the stamping. This pink is DIVINE!!! :) Love it

  5. You know I'm not a fan of pink but that one is gorgeous! The stamping looks great here, I couldn't quite see it in that picture where I spotted them lol. Love it!


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