Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Talk Tuesday - Car Commercial using Nail Art in motion

Last night  3 guys in a red car were chasing me after I left the gym. They scared the hell out of me. Lucky me I was driving the monstrous jeep and got to go through a route they couldn't. Oh man ...
And speaking of cars. Here I have something cool I'd like to share with you on my Tuesday Talk.
You guys totally need to watch this. It's a commercial for the new car from KIA called Picanto. And who knew they would show that off in nail art design?  And in motion? That's just so cool! Worth it watching.
It kinda brought a smile to my face while watching that. Hope you guys have a great Tuesday :)


  1. I loved this commercial. It's very interesting and well done. Super cute.

  2. 3 guys were chasing you??? That's so scary!!!! Glad you're ok but drag your hubby with you to the gym!

    That commercial is insane! The drawings are so perfect that they almost look unreal! Pretty cool


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