Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Talk Tuesdays - Oh ba'by, sorry! I spilled nail polish on your computer


I was looking so bad for these pictures I took a while ago so I could show you guys. These pictures were probably taken a couple of months ago. I am glad I finally found them so you guys can  laugh with me.
The story is: Once upon a time, I was at the dollar store and spotted this open bottle that had spilled polish on a shelf. I went to touch the spilled polished (I know ... weird)  and for my surprise that was a fake nail polish bottle. I thought it was sooooo cool I had to get one of those for myself. They just had one at the whole store so the guy gave me the one who was already open and bit up at the store. Even better cause that one looked sure real.
I took proudly that home with lots of ideas brainstorming inside my head. Oh, I wanted to use that on my husband. He would probably be so pissed at me. I was just super excited like I was a kid again and was going to play a prank on my brother lololo I went to my husband's office and set the fake nail polish bottle on the top of the screen of his tablet computer that he always needs for his meetings to take notes. That was the spot. Now I just needed him to come back and see that his wife had just left a red nail polish bottle spill on his important piece for work. Now, scroll the pictures quickly without looking at details and see with your own eyes if that doesn't look real.

Needless to say, my husband's reaction was fabulous. Well, as expected. " Why did you have to do your nails here? Don't you have you own craft room at home? " I was laughing my pants away lololo. He was getting pissed... So pissed until he got a piece of paper to try to clean the fake polish away when he realized I had just gotten him on a prank. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!! He was relieved and said "I hope that never happens cause I was really mad at you!" Poor guy having to deal with his polishaholic crazy wife.
I am always coming back to the Dollar store to see if I can find more of that stuff. When I find I will buy in a
bulk to give as a gift to my fellow nail polish sisters :)
Did you have a good laugh reading this? Hope you did cause when that happened I almost peed my pants literally. Have you ever played a prank on anyone using your nail polish addiction behind of it?


  1. lol...hilarious :)

    You just gave me a brilliant idea to play pranks on my friends :D
    *off to find this bottle...

  2. lol, that is so funny!! I would have to buy that if I ever saw it at my dollar store!

  3. lmao! new life mission: to find this bottle! :D

  4. HAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ooommmggg i need one!!! thats hilarious!!!!

  6. So funny, I want one of those bottles, it could be so much fun

  7. hahahahahahahha that is the most fabulous prank ever !!!!!

  8. hahahhahaahah HILARIOUS! I can see Ryan getting pissed at this hahahahaahaha. I wish I could do this to Bryan, he would FREAK OUT!!!

  9. hahah! That was hilarious! If you have a 5 Below near you, they have alot good "prank" toys there .. and also FUNKY FINGERS nail polishes! Woo! A few years ago, I was perusing my local 5 Below (way before I was in "full blown addiction" mode) and they were selling these little clear, plastic zip-up make up bags filled with about 8-10 of the old Sally Hansen Salon polishes. For $5, of course!! I'm glad I found it then and not now because, I'd be rummaging through them to mix and match and put all the best or well-known polishes in my bag! LOL And I'd probably end up buying like 4 of them. :)


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