Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday PaA - Galaxy

Most of my post have being set for automatic schedule post lately. I have been too busy to keep up with all in life plus painting nails, taking pictures of them, uploading, cropping/watermarking, posting on blog and keeping up with my new facebook page :) But it's been a pleasure.
By the way, thanks for those who LIKED and are LIKING my facebook page. In case you haven't here it is
Then this weekend I was busy playing with my new fb page and posting some pictures and interacting with people there. Love it! I also was getting quite a few emails with entries for the Lacquered Me Contest. If you haven't sent your picture yet, please do :) Click on the big red nail polish sign on the right side bar of this blog for details. I can't wait to post the pictures already. If you are curious to see them imagine how I feel waiting for September to come so I can sho them to you :)
But back to what brings me here today, Monday PaA. Another chalenging theme for me this week: GALAXY. "How in the Earth am I gonna pull this off? " That was my first thought. Or better, how in the planet or galaxy am I gonna manage to recreate that on my nails right? But ok, challenge accepted.
First I started with Nicole OPI Razzle Dazzle. And by the way, I don't know you but I hate the shape of NOPI nail polishes. They are simply weird, don't fit well on the nail polish rack plus I find myself having a hard time to hold that bottle for a picture. Anyways, probably it's just me complaining of such a nonsense subject. But besides that, I like the wide brush of it and the cream formula.

Then I started googling Galaxy online to see if I would get some inspiration on something so pretty and vast and colossal to put so tiny on my nails. Not encouraging at all lololo
Here we have the Andromeda Galaxy . So gorgeous!

I then saw the girls on the group discussing ideas and tips on how to do the galaxy theme and I decided to go for it. I watched some videos on youtube. Just put on the search - galaxy nails - and something should come up. Some sponging with white polish, yellow, rose and dark blue and here we have it. I don't know how I did it. But here we got something that can resemble some unkown galaxy lost somewhere... oh yeah, oh my nails, that's right - laugh.

What do you think of my masterpiece? lololo Wish my nail were longer and I could probably have a prettier galaxy - laugh.
Oh, and the pictures holding the Color Club 0-60 is to show my new love. That's a great top coat tha ton my opnion is as good as Seche Vite. It's not thick as SV, doesn't give that glossy look but sure dries fast, it less expensive and I am loving it. You should give it a try if you are looking for another choice besides the popular Seche Vite. You can find it at Ross for $2.99 - $4.99 depending where you go.
Hey, everyone have a great Monday you all!


  1. Love it:) I love that you included your inspiration!

  2. I love these!! They look so cute!! XOXO

  3. Holy Crap that is THE BEST DESIGN I've seen on your nails so far :) LOVE IT

  4. Oh wow, thank you all of you!! I wasn't really into that mani cause like I've said here before i suck at free hand nail art. And seing all of you dropping me a line makes me feel the nail queen. Really!! Thanks you guys!!!


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