Friday, August 26, 2011

PURE ICE Purple Reign

Friday Friday I love you!
No plans for the weekend but it's always good to have them. Last night I had a great time with my friend Laine at the baseball game. Ok, yeah I don't know nothing about it but the chat was great!! Thrusday night and I kinda felt the weekend coming.
But anyways, baseball aside and polish talk.
I love when I find great nail polishes for as just as a great price. Besides that, I think I am not ready at all for fall/winter yet.
I've seen all fall/winter colors popping out little by little but in full force already. I am still trying to use my bright beautiful spring/summery shades. Then I was at Walmart and stumbled upon this one. I didn't even go to the nail polish section, ok? This bottle was just left by the utensils. I checked the brush, the bottle to see if there was something wrong with it. I told my husband " See, even if I don't go to the polishes they come to me baby" lololo Seriously! Then I got that bottle after all. It's PURE ICE Purple Reign. Teh name is very suitable by the way.
It's such a gorgeous purple with gold shimmer to it. It's very pretty. The pictures here don't do justice to the real color in person. I tried to get different angles and stuff but I couldn't get it to show how beautiful that polish is. But you can kinda see the close up I did in the bottle... I guess. I know you will be able to see the gold shimmery stuff I am talking about.
This color looks more expensive than it really looks. For just $1.99 I had to bring that poor lonely bottle home, right?
I really don't know if that is a new color for this fall from PURE ICE. I just haven't seen this color before on their shelves. Have you?
To finalize I wanted to konad stamp but not the whole nail cause I didn't want to cover this pretty purple. I then decided to just do an accent on my thumb and middle finger.

What are your opnions? Are you guys ready for fall/winter?

And for all of you, HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND.  I am really looking forward to it!


  1. Love the polish and great touch with the stamping!

  2. I'm ready for fall and winter! There are so many great colors coming, but I understand what you mean about still trying to get in the brights; I'm one of those people that uses brights year round... haha! Oh and you know I have seen Purple Reign online at Walmart, but every time I go to look for it they never have it at the Walmart near me. It frustrates me especially because there isn't an order online option. Beautiful purple to say the least!

  3. Beautiful! The shimmer is the perfect touch.

  4. That's so funny that it wasn't even in the polish section. It was fate! And I love this!

  5. *Jossie- love purple too :)

    *imfeelingnail- thanks girl! I like the accent too. I love the combo puple/gold.

    * déjà vu - you cna't find that color? Oh bummer! If I see that color at my walmart here I'll send it to you ;)

    * Minty - thanks. I am in love with that polish. For the price everyone should have it!

    * Jacki - I know right? It was fate. That polish had to be mine lololo


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