Saturday, August 27, 2011

Essie Braziliant Swatch

Like I said yesterday I AM NOT READY FOR FALL - laugh!
I want to wear my bright colors and enjoy the sun. Please summer don't go awayyyyy. I'll you miss you so much. But it's alright! Fall starts on September 22nd and I still have some time to enjoy the warm season. I love fall don't take me wrong. I love to see al the leaves changing colors, cooler weather, beautiful colors and scents. But then it comes winter and I don't like it except I cna go snowboarding and I love that.
To enjoy my last days of summer here I have Braziliant from Essie.
It is a bright, vivid orange-red with slight pink shimmer. Very vibrant and sure bring a smile to my face. Also got love the name right? Wish I could go some Brazilian beach and sport this manicure there.

This first picture was taken indoors.

Then I went outside and took these. it so pretty!


  1. This is one of my most fav oranges!!!

  2. i have this color but i have not tried it yet. looks good on u :D

  3. Great shade - I wore it a lot all summer - first summer I have really gone for oranges in maybe 25 years!

  4. I wish I had picked this color up at the beginning on the summer. I bet I would have worn it A LOT!


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