Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Mani PaA - Splatter

Monday, Monday :)
I have Splatter mani for you. That was the theme from PaA on Facebook poll. I have to tell you I voted for it just because of the numbers. But I wasn't excited about this one at all. This was my first splatter attempted and I voted cause I kinda like the challenge of doing new things.
At first I had no idea whatsoever on what to do for that theme today ... what colors to pick? I thought of black and red for the series True Blood but then I changed my mind. Picked random colors. I was looking for a straw to do that mani and dind't want to do the splatter with a big diameter straw. I wanted a little one so the mess could be as little as possible. Then cleaning my ears with a q-tip I thought " well I could cut this q-tip and make a straw with it?" And that's what I did.

For this mani I used a banana bright yellow from Hard Candy - Splendid and the turquoise teal also from Hard Candy - Frenzy. Both great nail polishes, awesome formulas that are very pigmented. Just great!

Also, if you wanna try a splatter mani here are the thing you are gonna need:
- Have you nails painted with a base color of your choice
- A straw of any diameter ( drive-thru straws, coffee mix straw, q-tip -my idea lololo just cut the ends of it)
- Also you can tape around your nail bed to avoid splatter of polish on you skin ( I didn't use tape on mine)

Pour a bit of another color of polish that will contrast with the color base you already have your nails painted. Touch the end of the straw on it. You just need some color on the straw to cover the whole of it. You don't need to suck it though. Once you have polish on the end of the straw put yout mouth on the end of it and blow it in direction of your nail. You will then have the splatter. And just keep repeating it until you have the look dsired. Use your imagination, pick you favorite colors and just have fun!!!

PS: Sorry I don't have pictures to demonstrate that but I hope just the text above can kind be enough for you to understand how I did this mani. Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. That looks really neat! I have never heard of that technique before but I have seen it, for the first time now, twice today and I am really tempted to add it to my "future manis" list!! :)

  2. Looks great. I love how you switched the colors around on that one finger!

  3. @Nails by ScarsLikeLace- thank you for stopping by girl. You should totally do then. Sorry I don~t have pictures to show a tutorial but I wrote it down how I did it. Hope you could imagine the whole writing :)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous - Thank you. I appreciate your comment darling ;)


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