Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Talk Tuesday - A five year old who understands everything about nail polish

Tuesday, tuesday and I found something really cute to share with you guys today.
Ok, I am beyond surprised when I saw this video of this cute 5 year old girl talking about nail polish (and much more including make up tips on her youtube channel). Is she really 5 years old? She know what she is talking about. And you what? You might envy her cause she might have a better nail polish collection than you and me do. On the first video she shows off her 5 favorite nail polish. That includes BUTTER LONDON, yeah a freaking $14 nail polish , plus OPI, Essie and P2. That makes me laugh and also love that little girl. She is just a cuttie pie. Reminds me of my sister when we were kids.
On the second video she is kinda of doing a review on Nicole by OPI nail polishes. I'd very super duper proud of having her reviewing my products if I was NOPI. She did a grea job showing and describing all the colors they sent to her.
Now to to the videos and hey, have a great Tuesday!!

All right for the first video the embed to pos ton blog is not enabled. So HERE IS THE LINK to it. You got to see this. See you will make you so nail polish jealous - laugh.

1 comment:

  1. That was amazing. Did you hear the words she used like pigmented. She does a better review than I do!
    & she is so much cuter. Hehe!


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