Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday Mani PaA - Creative Layering

Finally got to upload these pictures.
But anyways, PaA had a theme for this Monday I didn't really enjoy but come on I like challenges. So here I tried my Creative Layering. I can't say it's creative but layer it is.
I started with my base color that I had during the whole weekend. The lovely Essie Absolutely Shore. Love this pastel mint color. This is the third time I wear it and I am kinda sad cause I've been looking for that one to buy me another one and also to my friend Angel and just can't find.

Then I did a coat of Sally Hansen Crackle White, too bad you can barely see on the picture. But In person it looked kinda fun. I did some green stripes then add some glitter.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!! I will try and see if I can be more creative for next week's challenge.

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