Monday, August 15, 2011

Julep Maven

Hey you, did you have a good weekend. Mine was better than last one. Not perfect but better. I don't know what I did though. But anyways, I am writing this Sunday late night cause I slept all afternoon long on my Sunday. Well, blahhhhh, it was good. I dreamed with volcanos and explosions. Ok, that's not important though.
I don't know when I'll have time to post my Monday mani cause I am wearing Braziliant and I am really loving it. So, for this Monday morning I get to share good news with you.
Have you seen this brand of nail polish before?
I have. Saw it a while back in January I believe and loved the colors, the bottle shape (it kinda reminds me of LA Splash lacquers) and also all the women's names on them. I went online to see how I could order them but held myself back cause of the price ($14 each bottle) plus I hadn't heard about it before. I hesitated.
This weekend I found out about the Julep Maven Program. It sounds really good to me and I so want to share with all of you my readers.
How it works?
You get a sneak peek box with Julep products for $20 that's worth more than $40 of  nail products.
But here is what I found out. That same deal I just mentioned can be snagged for $4.99 (with free shipping). Yeah, that is just for the first box. BUT, you can cancel your membership anytime. That means you can just take advantage of that deal and if you don't think it's worth paying $20 for a box like that each month you can just go online and cancel your account with them. If you decide to continue on the program you will enjoy 20% off with free shipping on all future purchases. You also can earn a $15 credit each time a friend signs up!

To snag the deal this is what you need to do:

1. Go to THIS PAGE scroll down and click on Take the Style Quiz

2. Go through the quiz and they will find out about you style profile

3. Create a Login giving your name and email address

4. Place your Order (remember you don't get to choose the nail polish colors - It's a surprise box with Julep items -> probably 3 or 4 items I believe)

5. At checkout use the code smh9oxu and select FREE shipping to make your sneak peek box only $4.99

5. Now YOU are a Julep Maven!

** Remember to remember to cancel your account before they charge you for the next month in case you are not satisfied with Julep products you got.

To understand more about this program watch this video:

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