Tuesday, June 28, 2011

São Paulo Nails Fashion Week June 8th 2011

 I was surfing online and looking the Fashion Week stuff in São Paulo and ended up seing a very unique thing other than trend on clothes on the runway fashion world. If you like nails, polish and everything related to that I bet you are gonna love to learn about this.

The event Nails Fashion Week happened in São Paulo, Brazil not too long ago on June 8th and 9th, 2011. Nail polish had its own spot on the runway spotlight. Fingers simulated walking legs on the catwalk. Yeah, you read right! The show had two fingers with theirs nails painted walking like a real model even stopping for a little pose here and there. It's so cute and so funny I can't hold a good laugh while watching the video. Not even writing this. They had  different colors and brands showing off their latest and greatest.

You might be wondering why an event like that just for nails. And why in Brazil? Yeah, I was wondering that too. And I bet, you probably weren't aware of this before. But people in Brazil buy enough nail polish to be ranked the 2nd consumer of nail polish in the world. Being a brazilian gal I am kinda pround of knowing that Brazil is the second largest market for nail polish, just behind the U.S., according to Euromonitor. Nail polish sales movemented around 700 million dollars in a year on sales just in 2010 in Brazil. Are you kidding me? That's a lot of money. But it's not hard to believe those little bottles make money circulate that much. For nail polish lovers, polish could be a currency for sure. Without saying that sometimes a nail polish can be as expensive as $18 like the Deborah Lippman ones or even more. So, imagine if you are a nail polish hoarder and buy at least 30 polishes a month without holding back regarding money? And then multiple by 12 to make it up a year. Yeah, nail polish industry thanks you ... I guess me as well. Except that I do hold back on spending a lot of money on a lacquer bottle.

Anyways, based on that fact brazilians love nail polish and also the initiative from Yande and Content House, the idea of the Nails Fashion Week came from nail polish addict Juliana Lima of the blog queridoesmalte.com.br. That is so cool! If you wanna see more pictures of the show you should check her blog out.

I know at least 30 brands were on the nail runway. Brands like Avon, Sally Hansen, Risqué, Colorama and Givenchy. Now you should click play on these videos here and have some fun watching the nail trends.

The first video is what they showed on the news. And the other ones are just the show itself.

This one is the AVON collection

This one is Sally Hansen Insta Dry Collection. Their theme was called FireWorks.


  1. Hi, I liked your blog. Gradually I'm reading it, is still to learn English, but I love my nails and take care of your tips and photos are incredible. Congratulations!

  2. Monique thanks for stopping by. Se vc fala português vai treinando sim a leitura do inglês ai. Breve vou colocar um aplicativo aqui da google pra traduzir o blog para o português ta certo. Obrigada pelo recadinho e elogio. Vc é bem vinda aqui. Bjus!!!!

  3. kkkkkkkkkkkk adorei o desfile! Sh que as modelos estavam meio gordinhas HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA adorei!!!

  4. Ju I love nail polish rs, I have a lot but a lot. But I don't like Sally Hansen that much, maybe I didn't get luck with the colors I chose, because both didn't turn out good on me. I love OPI and Ulta nail polishes, in my opinion they are awesome lol. =)

    I didn't know about Nails Fashion Week but I like it, thank you for sharing it with us.


  5. I like OPI and ULTA a lot too. But I enjoy Sally Hansen as well. Sometimes I find their formula to be way to thick but other times I like to have them cause theya re good to do nail art. So when I find one of the deal I posted I get advantage and grab some to try.
    Yeah did you like the polish on the runway? Super cute huh? Thanks for stopping by!

    ** Cris, os dedos são gordinhos como os meus. Risos ")

  6. Ju, eu nao tinha visto esses videos. Adorei. Haha, seus dedos nao sao gordinho nao Ju. Os dos videos eram.

  7. Very cool, in Puerto Rico we have the San Juan Beauty show which I plan on attending, so when are you going to swatch Sancion Angel Flakies? Please I want them so much!!'


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