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Tuesday Talk - LM 11 Packages on your Birthday Club

Good Morning readers!
For today's Talk Tuesday I have an invitation to all of you. Sorry, that this invitation is ONLY open to US residents. I'm really sorry! If you have read my giveaway post last week you already know why. If not, keep on reading please.


As I said before, my birthday is approaching in a couple of weeks, November 4th. And I am all about birthdays :) I know, I know, we get old - nothing we can do about it. However we can choose the bright happy side of it right? It's our special day and we all should feel special :).
I am inviting you to the  Lacquered Me 11 Packages on your Birthday Club.

Read carefully to learn how this is gonna work.

We have 12 months in a year, so we will need to have a group of 12 people. Each one of those people have to have a unique month for her birthday. In another words, a birthday for each month. One person a month.
We will be sending little packages throughout the year for each other. For example, if we have 12 people having their birthday on each month, we will be sending out a little package without receiving any package back until your birthday month arrives and then you don't need to send out any package because you will be getting 11 packages cause it's your birthday!
Let's say Mary is the birthday girl of the month of October. So she doesn't need to send out any packages on that month because it's her birthday month. And because it's her month she gets to get 11 little envelopes that can contain a birthday card, goodies or any nail related thing. It doesn't need to be anything expensive. Just a little thing to make Mary feel special on her month.
I just thought that idea would be so wonderful. If you are interested let me know if you want to be part of this group. I must let you know that the spot for the month of November is already filled with myself  :) And just remember that if you want to be part of it you really need to be commited to it. We don't want to make "Mary" disappointed on her birthday. Leave me comments about it. In order to get in the list you must send me an email to

Subject: Blogger Birthday Club
Content of the e-mail : 
* Your Name 
* Your birth date ( you don't need to disclose the year)
* State where you live ( sorry this is only for people in USA - it will be easier and cheaper to ship)
* Your nail blog/fb address your birthday month and other suggestions.

Can't wait to hear from you guys!
PS: Sorry if you tried to copy the list above to make it easier emailing me. But I have had issues with some people stealing contents from my blog and unfortunately I had to disable the copy ability away from this blog. I apologize!

Keep on reading the details and be aware what it will be like participating in this club.

- You must be 18 years old.
Sending me an email I 'll be assuming that you are not under age.
- You must have a nail blog.
This is a way to network among nail bloggers and every month we will have someone posting about all the packages she got. Where it came from and who we are providing links to our blogs and facebook pages.
- You must be commited to it.
When you sign up for this, you have to know that no matter what you have to send out an envelope to "Maria" for her month. Imagine if you were Maria, of course you would be disappointed for not receiving your package. So, you must be consistent. Remember, this club will be a little of a challenge cause you need to keep up with that for a whole year, 12 months.
- Once we have the group of 12 people formed we have to follow each others nail blog/fb pages.
- If during that year you change your address, you should immediately inform me. I'm not responsable for lost packages.
- Speaking of it, I higly recommend that all packages should be sent with a delivery confirmation.
- I'll be putting down everybodies name, month, blog address, mailing address in a google doc spreadsheet.
- If you are concerned about disclosing your address, feel free to buy a P.O. Box or provide your office address. Once we share our addresses I have to be clear with you guys: WE SHOULD NOT SHARE OUR GROUP's ADDRESS WITH NO ONE.
- Every month I'll be reminding who will be receiving the packages.
- If "Mary" 's birthday is on October 4th, you don't have to worry to get her package on that exact date. You'll have until the end of the month of October to send her package out. I will also share that same google spreadsheet I told you, with you all in the group. That way if you sent a package already you can go ahead and click an X on the box that will say SENT.

 I know I know, lots of details, but keep on reading. Imagine getting 11 sweet packages with a little surprise in each one of them?!?! Sweet huh? Ok, continuing...

- I know I am organizing this but I take no responsability for any lost packages, broken items and such. And I sincerely hope everything can go as smooth as a smoothie, sweet as sugar. With that being said, please ponder and really think if that suits you. Am I trust worthy? Am I committed to that? Will I be able to make somebody's day making a person super happy and excited for her birthday?

Remember people, each one of us 12 will be responsable each month to make someone in our club smile and feel special. Are you one of those awesome 12 people for this club? If you are please shoot me an email. You guys can also use the big blue tab on the right that says CONTACT ME, that will send me an email too. Send me an email, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If you do not hear from me in 24hrs that means I did not get your email. So, re-send it to me please. Also, be aware that maybe somebody already has reached me first for example, to fill out the spot for January  month(it's open) which is your month. Then, I'll just put you in the waiting list just in case some "fatality" happens to someone or whatever. That way I'll just have options you know?

But yeah, it's pretty much it. I know, lots of details. But once set up, I bet you guys will love to receive 11 packages throughout your birthday month. I bet!

Feel free to leave your questions on the comment box and also I am open to suggestions!

Talk to you guys soon!!


  1. awesome idea!!

    unfortunately im overseas :(

    i always feel that receiving gifts is a very happy occasion :) imagine receiving 11 packages!

    cant wait to see the clubs bday packages :)

  2. I thought I was gonna be April! I sent you an email!

  3. I sent you two emails. Because I'm stupid and totally mucked up the first one! Lol...I assume this will begin January 2012 as a lot of us are also committed to a Secret Santa this year?

  4. Omgosh this is the sweetest idea! Just sent you an email! :D I don't know what I would love more - making a sweet little package 'o goodies each month or receiving 11 sweet little packages in my birthday month! It will be so fun to watch people get their goodies! <3

  5. Such an awesome idea.. I'm in if my month is open.. crossing my fingers!!

  6. Ooh I hope I can participate! This sounds like such a sweet idea, I love it. :)

  7. Yay... I'm October!! Let's get this organized fast so I can get 11 packages LOL ;) Awesome idea!


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