Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Talk - That's why I don't go the nail salon here in the States lololo

I saw this video on Youtube last week and thought that would be perfect to share here with you guys. I cracked my pants off while watching this. And all that I can say is that this girl Anjlah tells in a pretty good humor the reasons why I do my nails myself and refuse to EVER to go a nail salon.
I was watching that and talking to myself all the time " I know right ?" " Yeah, that's absolutely true" "Yeah, it's just like that" and such says and thoughts.
Now, click play if you wanna laugh !! You can probably see yourself in that situation.
Have a great day you all !!


  1. I hate when they persuade you to get more services. They always tell/ask me if I want my eyebrows waxed. My eyebrows are very thick and I like them that way. Then they say you will look much more beautiful, AS IF. Laughed the whole time watching this video. :D

  2. OMG this is soo true. I hate that but this was soo funny.

    This is the reason I dont pay to have anyone else touch my nails.

  3. Oh girls I'm glad you guys could get some good laugh on this Tuesday's post. That is funny but in really life is pretty annoying for sure!
    Thank you both for dropping a comment here! Very appreciated!

  4. This is hilarious!! I laughed so hard watching it. You're right they're always trying to get you to do more by saying how pretty you'll be!

  5. Wow, it keeps getting funnier... XD That's good, thanks for sharing!


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