Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Mani PaA - Green for Depression Awareness Month - updated

Green for Depression Awareness is the theme for today's Monday Mani. I decided to start the mani without really thinking what I was going to do and I think it came out cute. As far as the them I didn't know October was the month to host so many health issues awareness. That's great that I got to learn this through polish. Depression has been a big public health issue lately that if we haven't experienced that ourselves I bet you know somebody that is or have been dealing with it. So, let's light up the green color for awareness of depression. If you wanna read more about it click HERE.

Oh and if you are wondering what polish I used... this is RIMMEL - Rags to Riches, a shimmer metalic olive green. The formula is just super good. I thought that would drag or be streaky but nope, just great. Plus I love RIMMEL brushes. They make application so much easier. Then I did some green dots over gold dots. I'm not an expert at dotting but let's pratice right?

Drop me a line in the comment box and let me know your opnion on this mani.
Have a wonderful Monday you all!!!!

UPDATE: A follower posted these questions on the comment box. If those are your questions too here are the answers.

* Why green?
The ribbon for Depression Awareness is green.
* Why the dots?
Nothing to do whith the movement. Just my take on the challenge.


  1. Such a pretty green! I love greens!!

  2. i guess i don't understand. i'm all for depression awareness, but maybe explain why green and why the dots? to me, they look like healed suture wounds from slitting one's wrist.

  3. The color on it self is beautiful

  4. Thank you girls!!

    MARSHA - the color for Depression Awareness is green. And, is far as the dots I really like your interpretation since depression sometimes can lead to suicide(sadly). But the dots have nothing to do with that. is was just my take on the challenge!


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