Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Pink - Fancy Zebra

I am still going on posting lolo
Today is Wednesday and pink it is!
I attemped on doing a weird comnation for me that this came out not really good. First a white base coat. I don't have a good white to paint my nails. On top of that I don't like to paint the whole nail with white cause I have never found a good formula. What's your favorite white nail polish ?
Continuing on my mess ... oh boy it took me forever to finish this mani. I decided to stamp the zebra print and then do the pink tips. Oh boy, that wasn't easy and I am not please with this at all. Then wehn i was done and went applying the top coat, SV brush came  on dragging the black over the nails. Look closer and you will see. A mess! I just had to post this cause I had nothing else to post here on my Wednesday Pink other then that.
Next week I'll to play safe lolo

 My ugly hands

BC: Essie
Color: Wet n' Wild 449C-French White Creme
Stamping: Wet n' Wild Black Creme
Design: BM 223
Tip: Rimmel 330-Posh Pink


  1. Ahhhh, I think this is my favorite so far!!!!

  2. Really? Glad you liked it! Cause I didn't :( Thanks for commenting

  3. This looks AMAZING! I wish I has this stamping stuff!

  4. Jenn thank you! You should totally get the stamping stuff. It's so much fun! It's been a therapy for me. The nail plate I used just comes in a combo of 21 or 25 plates ( I bought that one separately from a friend though) but if you don't wanna buy the full thing you can sart with just one plate. You can buy a similar plate here

    When you get yous nail stamped please get back to me. I would love to see it. And if you have any questions send me a email ! Thanks for your comment again!!

  5. Hi..Your nails were very fashion. These were perfect stamping. I also have, but when I make my nails is never good.

  6. That looks so damn good! *is jealous*

  7. Hi I am new to your blog. I found your link on the Facebook group polish-aholics anonymous! I love this zebra print with the pink tips.

  8. this is beautiful i love it ;D

    shel xx


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