Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Talk Tuesdays - Lacquered Me Store

 Here I am following my blog system of posting periodically.
Today I come here to share with you some good news!! I have associated with Amazon.com to have my little store. My friends on facebook are always asking me what things I have, what I use adn what I recommend even though I repeat I am NOT a professional or expert. I then decided to post all the things I could find in Amazon.com that I like and listed on my store.
If you wanna visit the store CLICK HERE. All of the products you will see over there are sold and shipped by Amazon. I am just an associate with Amazon. I do get a 4% comission if you buy anything from my link/store. Yeahhhh I am gonna get so rich!!! lolololo 
It's totally up to you though to either buy from my link/store or just buy directly from the site of amazon.com. Of course, I would really appreciate if you would buy through me. It would be such a support to this blog here. I thank you up front for taking your time to read this and visit my store. If you want you can share it with your family and friends. That would be awesome!
I am still working on adding up more stuff but there are a lot already that you can purchase from my store. There are top coats, nail/cuticles/hand care items, stamping stuff, nail art miscellaneous, top coats etc. You sould take a look. Drop me a line here and let me know what you think. You can also send me suggestions of whatelse I should add to my store.
And now on the right side bar of my blog you can see a picture link that will always be there and will direct you to another window to visit my store. Thank you guys again! I'm just really excited : )

CLICK HERE to visit the store


  1. Good Luck, Hope thinhgs will work out with your project!!

  2. Juuuu, I love it!!! Too bad I have no money. When things get a "little" better money wise I will definitely buy some stuff!

  3. Thank you girls!! Nani don't worry money will come in abundancy and when you less expect.Yeah, I try to tell that to myself all the time too lololo but it will. Just pass the word along that's a great support like you have been doing. Thank you guys for stopping by!!


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