Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday PAA - Glitter Bomb

For this Monday Mani from PAA FB group I honestly didnt' know what to do with the Glitter Bomb theme. I have had quite busy days lately and I was soooo tired to do my nails. Plus on top of that, me and my love wanted to go to see Harry Potter and then I was like " Wait , wait, wait". I really enjoy movies but wasn't really into Harry Potter. I am not that type of girl that get into the waves of movie series like the vampire one with Jacob and Edward thing. I even tried the books but , no not for me. However, for some reason I felt embarrassed for knowing that this current movie is actually the 8th or 9th lololo I thought it was the 4th. I had seen the 1st and 2nd though back in the days when I was in high school merging to college. Then I decided to do the Harry Potter Marathon so I can see the current and last one. I am enjoying so far but I think I like comedy better lately. I am in a fase of my life I need some good laughter.
But anyways, back to my nails, here are a few pictures and details of my Monday Glitter Bomb. Can't wait to know what the vote is for next week. I am really enjoying this. I'm just having some problems casting my vote with them. It seems I am not the only one having trouble though.

PS: My blog was acting weird this past Sunday and Monday so I'm still posting this on the day it's supposed to go,ok? Also, I am excited to be done with the giveaway and announce the winners. I am so excited for my new followers here. Welcome welcome everyone!!

BC: Essie ( this stuff prevents me really well from getting stain on my nail from dark nail polishes). Let's see this time with having black on my nails. Can you believe this is the first time I actually paint my whole nail in black? I love blaco for tips and stamping but the whole nail ... that is my first time ever.
Color: RIMMEL 430- Black Satin
Glitter: PURE ICE Strapless
TC: Color Club 0-60


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