Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some thoughts - WARNING Long writing post.

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great 4th of July celebration.

I was thinking after last Tuesday when I posted about the Nail Fashion Week that I could probably set up days to have some postings going on here. So that way I would encourage myself  to not ditch blogging. Because that happens with me all the time when the subject is blogging. I start blogging then after a while my posts start decreasing until my blog dies completely... yeah just like the numbers on my bank account sometimes. Or this similarity happens more often than I can realize (laugh). And for that I really thank you for following this blog and using some of your time to leave me a sweet comment. That really pushes me to keep going cause I know you care and then I have to post something cool.

A LITTLE NOTE: Speaking of that I would like to say a big THANK YOU to my friend Elaine Meyers from Moments and Thoughts who blogged about my nail blog. If you read portuguese and live in the States I totally recommend  her blog. She is the coolest person and I bet you are gonna get some good laughs off of her writing. So, I had some of her friends visiting over here and others becoming followers. Thank you guys!! If you are reading this please drop me a line so I can know who you are :)

And if you didn't find me through my friend's blog I thank you as well. It's  a pleasure having all of you here. I am gathering some cool stuff for a giveaway for you guys pretty soon. Thank you again!

Anyways, continuing what I was saying, I thought I would designate myself this following idea to be a better blogger.

Mondays --> There is a group I am part of it on FB called Polish-aholics Anonymous where they have a poll every Monday to decide on what to do for manicures on Mondays. It's such a great way to unleash your imaginative side by just a theme we all get to vote every week. I have joined that but usually I just post it during the week. Maybe I should wait and post that on Mondays. I would call that day Monday Mani PaA ( Polish-aholics Anonymous ).

Tuesdays --> I will call them Talk Tuesdays where I will write about anything cool (or at least I think it as lolo you are welcome to always skip it). I would post about something interesting I heard, saw, maybe tips (I am not a nail/beauty expert), things that I like and works for me, deals that I can find and other odds like that. It could be nails or beauty related. And if I find a deal I sure won't wait until tuesday so I can post it. I'll just posting as soons as I learn about one. What do you guys think? Any other suggestion about how I can call my Tuesdays  posts other than Talk Tuesdays?

Wednesdays --> Then on Wednesdays I was thinking about getting serious on the On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. I could show my pink nails on those days. It's kinda hard cause I don't really feel like having pink on my finger nails most of the time but I could try to pull it off some creative way to wear the girly color in the middle of the week.

Fridays --> Friends and followers could email me their photos and I could post them here on my blog so you guys could see prettier hands than mine lololo For that you wouldn't need to have a blog neither a fb page but just email your a photo of a mani and your name. I think that could be really fun! And that would be called Friend Fridays. If you have another cute name please don't hesitate to share with me.

For the other days I will be posting  whatever mani I am wearing and let's see how my blog goes. I hope I can stick to my plans on blogging here. That sure will keep me busy.

Do you have any suggestions? If so, please feel free to let me know on the comment bar.


  1. Holly Cow Ju!!!! I wish I had your energy for posting, haha. I like your plan. I hope you will follow it too :)
    Thank you for mentioning me here. You are too sweet my friend!!!
    I was thinking... I love it that you write in English. I wrote my posts in English for about 6 months, but kind of got tired of it. I wish I had the energy to start writing in English again. I did notice that once I went back to writing in Portuguese the number of followers went up. I think some people are just lazy to read posts in English even if they know how to. Keep up with yours. It helps me to keep practicing my "reading skills". As if I didn't read enough english already!

    I can't wait to see your new posts!

  2. Ju,

    I love your new idea about the days. I think it will make your blog even more awesome. Keep the good work!!! =)

  3. Nani, Vanessa, my friends I hope that plan works lololo
    Nani - I don't know about your praticing reading english here lolo my english is that great and my vocabulary is pretty shallow so to speak. I just write in english here cause I'm in the States and the plishes I get are from here most of them and I guess most of my readers are english speakers. So, it kinda forces to express this way.
    But you are totally welcome to make me feel that special by my writing skills on nail subject lololo

    Thanks again girls for the comments. I just love them! And it's interesting how people read what I write (laugh) specially being about blog. My husband is like " does people really read about polish shades and tones and overall experience " ? It just cracks me up.

  4. I think it's totally up to you how you wanna organize your post! Personally I wouldn't be able to do that! hah.. I just post what I feel like..

  5. JU, I love the idea! I actually got my manicure done last night. It looks very Brazilian hehee. Just a neutral color, but I have the hardest time letting the nails grow because they break all the time. I'll be sure to add your blog to my list right now. If you wanna add me, feel free! (pearofthetree.blogspot.com)


  6. hahahaaha he is a man, what does he know??? hahahahaha Just kidding.
    You write really well Ju. Considering that you haven't been in the States long, you have way more vocabulary than me. I have to write a post about that actually, about loosing my portuguese and my english. It feels like none of them are improving with time hahahahahaha.


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