Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to get rid of glitter polish on your nails?

  Have you been so excited to put some cute glitter on your nails and then you hold that thought back cause you know, otherwise a tragic future waits for you?
Yeah, I am talking about the dreadful part of been wrestling with a cotton ball soaked with acetone. Then you rub it rub it  attemping to remove the glitter but the only thing it can removeb is your patience cause you get soooo frustrated by spending so much time in just one single nail. I have been there. I hear your frustration and your glitter fear.
  A while back I found out about a great technique that made my life easier, well as far as glitter on my nail  lololo. After I learned that I am glitter fear free. I can buy glittter polish and actually be excited to wear them cause it would be no problem to be removed when I want to.
So, once we had the Glitter Bomb theme this week on the PAA group on FB, I feel like showing some pictures of me removing my glitter a couple of weeks ago.
  I bet you won't regret it. And I bet you might be skeptical about this but trust me, go ahead and do it fearless and totally hopefull. it will work.
So here is my first tutorial through pictures to my friend Rapha. She asked me to do a video of me showing this but I totally suck in front of a camera. Plus I am not the one who discovered this amazing technique. you can find this everywhere on youtube or vimeo.

Here is what I do when I have glittered nails and what to get rid of it. This technique is known of
Foil or Aluminum Glitter Remove Technique

 You are gonna need just 3 things you probably already have at home:
* Acetone - it has to be 100% acetone
* Cotton balls - cotton pads also works
* Alluminum/Foil - it can be new or used ( I usually get the already used ones form my kitchen. But those clean ones that I would just throw away a while ago. Now I save al of them)

 Oh, the 4th thing you are gonna need is ... your glittered nails right? Oh, this mani I got inspired by a picture I saw on weheartit but it wasn't link to anybody. I hate when they pin pictures but there is no root to the origin to the picture. I just want to let you know it wasn't my creation. But anyways ... continuing

 I unravel the cotton ball to make it flat, I divide and soak it with pure acetone. It doesn't need to be soaked to the point to be dripping ok? So, I cover my nail with it. I try not to cover the whole finger, just put the cotton ball on the top of my nail. Then I come with a piece of foil and cover the whole finger with it. That avoids that the acetone evaporates.

 Do the same thing with all your fingers. I know you are gonna look like an alien. My husband was chocked thinking my nail polish addiction is really ruinning my life to make me that crazy. He thought I was going to wear that outside lololo I just told him it's my Lady Gaga nails lololo But yeah, do that to one hand and wait for  5 to 10 minutes with it.
You can do both hands at the same time but folding foil on the other hand it would be a little hard to manage. Plus I like to do each hand cause i can use the same foil on the other fingers, sometimes even the same cotton balls in there. But when I am in a hurry I do both hands at the same time. It sure saves you time.

 After those 5-10 minutes with each nail cover with acetone and foil it's time to see the magic or miracle, you name it. Remove the "foil cap" twisting back and forth and pulling off. You don't need to put pressure like youa re used to when the subject is glitter. Just do that motion gently. Look at my nail up there! I was just amazed when I did that for the first time. This technique works wonders.

Now a picture of my glitter free nails. My naked nails :) After you are done with this don't forget to wash well your hands with lots of soap and also use a cuticle cream/oil right away. Because you are gonna be soaking your nail with pure acetone, your nails and cuticle you be screaming for some pampering.

I hope you liked this tutorial. And I really hope I helped someone with this information. If you have done this and it has worked out feel free to leave me a comment telling me about your experience. Also if you have  or know of any other good technique to remove glitter from nails please let me know too.

Have fun with this my friends!!!


  1. hahahahah, I am here imagining Ryan looking at your nails wondering what the heck was going through your mind hahahaahah

  2. I've heard a ton about this technique but having you take me through it, step by step, with visuals, just might be enough to get me to actually try it. I'm skeptical by nature and always figured this was a "too good to be true" kind of thing but you've certainly made me a believer. Woo hoo!

  3. I liked this technique, I'll never be afraid of glitter.


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