Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Giveaway Result

Sorry it took me took long to announce the winners of my giveaway. I just had a crazy weekend and now this week with work. But trust me I was soooo thrilled to make that announcement. So here you have it!

better THE WINNERS ARE ....

I know you must be curious to know who the 4 winners are. Not particularly who they are but if your name is listed here as one of the lucky 4 people who won the Lacquered Me giveaway sponsored by Sally Hansen and NYC Colors. Am I right?
That was my first giveaway here on this blog. I just wanna say THANK YOU to everyone who participated on this giveaway. Thanks for your time filling the form, spreading the word, following and LIKEing pages on FB. You are really sweet and I say THANK YOU!!! If you are not one of the winners don't be frustrated or sad. I know how it feels. " Oh man, I never win anything ;( " But I'll be back more often with some giveaways with more goodies, I promise.
I am just grateful for all of you dropping me comments and compliments that really put me up on sad days. Thanks for the love guys! I can't imagine my life without my cybernetic friends! Love you all <3

Now let the drums rolls ....
The winners are:


Congrats to you guys!! And, if your name is not listed here don't worry I am planning another giveaway to thank all of you my great followers. Stay tunned!
PS: I have contacted them by email. If they don't write me back in 24hrs I'll be drawing again and other people will be picked up.


  1. Already? I almost forgot about it haha. Awww, my name wasn't there :(
    hahah Just kidding, I am not sad. I am happy that I participated cause I never do, it's fun!

    Good Job Ju, and Congratulations to the Winners!!!

  2. Congrats Winners!!! WooHooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  3. Congratulations to the Winners!!!


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